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WIP: storage bag


hello and welcome!

the storage bag for a baby room is finished…

… not really…

… but i only have to do the lining.

below you can see a few photos. 

and more info about the bag you will find soon here on my blog. 


on which project are you working?




21 thoughts on “WIP: storage bag

  1. It’s quite perfect!

  2. What an adorable bag–love the little fishies!

  3. That bag is absolutely adorable! I love the fish! So cute 🙂

  4. The fish appliques make this perfect!

  5. ziet er heel lief en mooi uit:) leuke visjes!

  6. The fishies look great on the bag. good idea.

  7. Sweet fishes! What is the pattern?

  8. So cute .. and look at the little bubbles from that one little fish! For me, having to do the lining is not an “only”. I HATE sewing linings! Maybe if I practiced a bit I’d get better?

  9. Absolutely adorable – very cute! Have a nice evening, Anette

  10. Just gorgeous- love the fish

  11. The fish are so sweet. 🙂

  12. Stunning, I must try it as soon as you publish the pattern. All your patterns are gorgeous!
    Greetings from South Africa!

  13. Oh its very pretty, I love all the colours in this bag!! Very sweet.

  14. absolutely adorable, love all the little details.

  15. It is going to be perfect for a baby room!

  16. Ooh, it’s gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it all finished.

  17. So, so cute! I love the little fish 🙂

  18. Looking good. The fish are cute!

  19. looking forward for the complete thing … and pattern if you decide to share … looks yumptious …. love it