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work in progress: the crochet nutty pillow


nice to see you!

with a lot of short and longer pieces of leftover yarn i’ve made ​​yarn balls, crazy yarn balls, to make another cushion for a dog or cat (i think). the ball on the first picture i already had for a while.



the pieces of yarn i knotted together, and normally that’s something i never do. the knots you can see and feel and they are not secure as weaving in yarn ends is.

but i did it anyway because some pieces of yarn were so short and i did not feel for other methods to join the yarn ends.


with these ball i crochet the nutty pillow:)

it’s a really fun project to work on because the nature of it is changing with every color you add. occasionally i crocheted a few rows of white yarn (also leftover from another project) between rows to freshen up the whole.

at the moment i’m working on the edge with bright pink yarn of which i found an almost complete ball in a bag with leftovers. then i will sew a fabric cover to fill with more leftover yarn and yarn ends, to put in the crochet nutty pillow. but i have no time for that the coming days, so that’s a job for next week.






until next time!




30 thoughts on “work in progress: the crochet nutty pillow

  1. Ziet er heel vrolijk uit!

  2. Love your idea of a crazy yarn ball.

  3. Fantastic! I really like this idea.

  4. I love the fact that you used up a bunch of yarn ends to make something colorful and pretty.

  5. ahhhh, a kindred spirit…..it’s just about impossible for me to throw out any yarn….the yarn ball is genius! (I’m usually doing mitered squares or granny circles with mine! you’ve opened up a whole new scrappy world for me!)

  6. Gorgeous! I love magic ball projects 🙂 I knitted a BSJ using some worsted and aran weight scraps and it turned out amazing. Very good way to make a truly unique project

  7. LOVE IT!!!!
    …. I like even the pom pom edge!!!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  8. What a simply clever idea, I have lots of tiny bits of yarn..many thanks for sharing. And it’s so pretty.

  9. Great idea for those odd-ball leftovers ~ and so so so cute! I will be following your lead on the crazy yarn ball projects 🙂

  10. Very inspiring and creative! The colors are lovely and you will enjoy this creation very much because it is ‘special’!

  11. Very clever!

    This is the method I use to join yarn when spit splicing won’t work: http://youtu.be/Aj_-V5XVPcs

    The knot is very, very small.

  12. A great way to use all those bits and pieces. So pretty.

  13. I love your pillow. All the colors you have used are such happy colors. Beautiful work!

  14. I love your crocheted pompoms! A great way to finish off a border.

  15. They look fantastic! What a great idea!

  16. It is amazing how stunning this is – oh, the fun stuff you can do with yarn ends: I really love your nutty pillows, Andrée! And the pink border is right up my alley! Marianne xx

  17. Lively colours! This is something very creative we can make with the leftovers… TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  18. I love this pillow. I would love to make one. What is the stitch pattern?