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hope all is well with you?!

last week i had no opportunity to write a blog post. we had a final farewell in the family and although not totally unexpected, for us it was too soon. i’m still a little confused, but fortunately for me there are yarn, hooks and crochet.


maybe you like to take a look at my wips?

in the house of my mother, i found this simple glass vase, with a minor damage at the top edge, it measures 21 cm high with a diameter of 18 cm. i have crochet a sleek cover of light green catania yarn and at the top a small teal and coral edge.


the spider stitch blanket has only become a little larger. the yarn is stylecraft special dk and the color’s name is saffron, which is a really fresh and happy shade of orange.

wip orange crochet blanket spider stitch pattern


the slightly variegated green colored bag you see on the picture below is for my sister in law. the yarn is cotone of lana grossa and it feels quite firm which makes it suitable to use it for projects like this. the bag is almost ready, only the top i have to finish and i’m thinking to make a surprising color effect.

small crochet green shopping bag in the works


last but not least, a secret project and it has to remain secret for a while, but i will post more photos as soon as possible. it is pink and lilac and the lilac has a gray undertone. the yarn is the lovely acrylic peques of katia. it feels very soft!lilac and pink secret crochet project in the works


that is all for today but this afternoon i will join ginny’s yarn along at small things

wish you a wonderful day and i hope to see you soon again!


17 thoughts on “crochet work in progress

  1. Thank you for sharing your work. I especially like that spider stitch blanket. Is it your own design?

    I am also deeply sorry for your loss. I am glad you have your crochet to help comfort you.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, it is really nice to read. Glad you like the orange spiders 😊 The stitch pattern is not my own design and if you want something similar just search on Internet or Pinterest with these words: crochet spider stitch.
      Thanks again!

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, I hope the yarn helped in some way.
    I love all of your projects, the colours are wonderful.

  3. Sympathy and love to you. I hope the pain passes soon and only good things are left. It’s never easy when someone leaves us.

  4. Sending my sincere condolances, Andrée – times like these are not the easiest. It’s wonderful to read though that you find solace in your beautiful crochet, and beautiful it is: I love everything you’re showing here – so very inspirational (as always). Marianne xx

  5. Ook via deze weg sterkte gewenst na jullie verlies.
    En wat een mooi overzicht van je projecten.
    Hartelijks, Haafner

  6. sorry for your loss, I’m glad the crocheting brings you comfort

  7. What is it about color and fibers that is so soothing?! You have expressed what could be a book of poetry about loss and how to move through it with these various projects. My favorite is the last one. In th picture the colors are close enough in hue that they almost look like they are hiding one another. I’m expectantly curious about them. I always look forward to you blog. Thank you for continuing it.

  8. So sorry to hear about your loss. It’s always doubly hard when it’s a family member as we are so much more involved in each others lives and the whole always seems so much larger.
    Glad you see you are getting some comfort in your beautiful crochet. x