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as a crocheter i now kathryn vercillo from her website www.crochetconcupiscence.com where she tells the world anything you would want/like to know about crochet. she writes reviews about yarn and books, about exhibitions where crochet is involved, crochet blogs, crochet in art and crochet artists, the history of crochet, crochet in fashion, too much to list here. besides that she herself is a gifted crocheter.

now kathryn has written a book

crochet saved my life: the mental and physical health benefits of crochet

in which she tells about her story of depression and healing and the impact of crochet on the healing process. she also interviewed nearly two dozen women whose stories are shared in this book and they all hook to heal. 

crochet saved my life is a self-published book – the cover photo was done by julie michelle – and will be available for sale online starting the first of august.
thanks kathryn!
to everyone: have a beautiful week!

6 thoughts on “the benefits of crochet

  1. Thank you all for your comments!To Denise: Thanks for sharing, best wishes to your daughter and you!!

  2. @Denise I think it’s wonderful that your daughter’s rehab included crochet. In my research I learned that crochet can be used in settings like that in two ways:1. Craft as Therapy – The craft itself can be a form of therapy because it is meditative and builds self-esteem.2. Craft in Therapy – Crochet can help people in groups to feel more comfortable talking about things and can therefore facilitate therapy and treatment.I wish you and your daughter the best of luck!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing about the book with others here on the blog. You’ve done a great job of representing it!

  4. That is really interesting. I too came back to textile crafting after a bereavement and it has given me a sense of well being and purpose I thought I had lost for ever. What inspiring stories!Bimbi x

  5. Oh.. what a stunning post.. I never knew of crochet being beneficial in anyway.. Thats impressive… wow!!!

  6. Wow..this really hits me close to home.. My Daughter was recently in a drug rehab and they taught the girls crochet. The work they did was amazing. They said it was to help the girls self sooth and regain control. Thanks for sharing