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how to crochet a stretchy ribbing fabric


hello, welcome!


this week i actually wanted to finish these bags and cases and also wanted to post the promised explanations, but unfortunately i had to spend much time in bed and slept a lot.  i feel a little better, and i wanted to send you my best wishes for the weekend. 


at the same time, maybe you like to see what i’m crocheting at the moment? well, my current project is a blanket of variegated yarn in three shades. it is stylecraft special double knit in greengage, charcoal and atlantis. atlantis is my favorite, it is so beautiful but my photos don’t do the colors justice. for more info about the yarn see this link


3 shades of variegated yarn


the required hooksize for the yarn is 4.00 mm, but i work very loosely with size 5.5 mm and the result is a very stretchy and soft fabric, it would be fabulous for a shawl/scarf. 


crochet ribbing in 3 shades by elisabeth andrée


do like this idea and the look of the soft ribbing?


here is how to crochet it, it is the super simple!


used stitches in american english terms:

  • ch = chain or chains
  • ss = slip stitch
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • hdc flo = half double crochet into the front loop only


crochet hdc flo = half double crochet front loop only

crochet hdc flo = half double crochet front loop only


  • start with crocheting as many chains as you need for the length, my blanket measures about 170 – 175 cm
  • row 1. make 1 hdc into the third chain from hook under 1 loop only and into all subsequent chains until end of row, 2 ch (the two chains don’t count as a stitch here or in any of of the following rows), turn
  • row 2. make 1 hdc flo into the first stitch and into all subsequent stitches until end of row but end with a hdc into the last stitch under two loops (the normal way), 2 ch, turn
  • row 3 and further. repeat row 2 until you have the size you like to have.


i still have to crochet many, many rows and stitches and therefore i don’t have a plan for the edge yet. the way the edge looks now is a little wavy, but that is because of the ribbing.





hope you like it!


if you have some time to spend i would like to ask you to take a look at this post and try the alternatives for beginning rows in a square motif and then let me know your opinion?!


anyway, i hope you will have a happy, healthy and creative weekend!


joining creative friday at natural suburbia

until next time!

stretchy crochet fabric by elisabeth andrée





16 thoughts on “how to crochet a stretchy ribbing fabric

  1. Groeten uit Australië,

    Kathryn Vercillo alerted me to your useful tutorial about crochet ribbing.
    I had scheduled a post on my blog lupeyloops.blogspot.com.au about ribbing for 30 October.
    I hope you do not mind, but I have added a post scriptum with links to your article so my readers can get instructions in your American crochet terms if they prefer because my instructions are in Australian/UK crochet terms. I would also like to share your beautifully photographed examples of ribbed fabric.
    May this message find you well, and here’s a toast to feeling a bit better thanks to crochet!


    PS Ik ben in 1980 in Den Haag geweest – gelukkige herinnerings.

    • Hello Jodie,
      Thanks for visiting and your comment! And thank you for the toast 🙂
      Love to visit you new blogpost on Friday about crochet ribbing! Sharing one of my pictures is fine as long you don’t edit and the credit is clear.
      How nice you have been in Den Haag and that you have happy memories about it!
      Thanks again and I will visit your blog soon!

  2. lovely colors and love the design you made! Thanks for sharing the how to!

  3. Oh, I love this too! I want to share at fb and I hope , you feel better than last time! Have a good weekend, Sabine.

  4. Love those three colours. They look great together.

  5. Thank you! I shared to my FB fan page. Very helpful tutorial! Sandy

  6. lovely yarn and ribbing!!!!!
    hope you are feeling better Andre’e, take care and stay cosy and warm!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  7. Mooie kleuren bij elkaar!
    En een leuke steek. Ik heb een tijdje terug twee sjaals gehaakt in deze steek.
    Heel origineel voor een deken.
    Groetjes en het beste met je gezondheid.