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work in progress: crochet charcoal cowl/scarf


nice to see you! 

my cowl/scarf has grown…

… and i doubt if i should make a colored detail.

i have green and blue yarn left from the soft ribbels blanket (which is finished!) and i also have yarn with the name peony. i do not like to wear pink, but because this yarn is variegated it might be a little different. what do you think, let me know?!

wip charcoal cowl/scarf optinal colors

more info about the stitch pattern you can find in a previous post here.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things.

have a wonderful day!

close up stitch pattern charcoal cowl/scarf

13 thoughts on “work in progress: crochet charcoal cowl/scarf

  1. ….. I think I’ll say something obvious right now : PINK!!! I love even blue and green, but pink is the right colour to make grey vibrant!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. It’s beautiful, Andrée – I love the stitches/pattern you’ve used. I think you know I’m usually all for bright and colorful, but I think it would be perfect just as it is. The grey is very elegant, I like it a lot! Marianne xx

  3. lovely texture in your cowl. I personally think pink and grey look really good together but I wear quite a lot of pink anyway. If you think you’ll wear it then I say go for it, that pink yarn is gorgeous and will really pop with the grey

  4. I never used to wear pink but now I love it! Sometimes I wear two scarves at once — If you made the Peony scarf, maybe you could wear it with this grey one, that could look lovely …

  5. well…I’m a pink lady…so I would say yes! :))
    I think that grey needs a little bit of warmth so pink would be perfect… though I really, really like that green 🙂