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work in progress: crochet ribbing blanket


nice to see you again! 


first, sorry to those who are waiting for the explanation on how to make these bags and cases. i had to slow down the last few weeks but hopefully i can post the info and pictures here on my blog next week. so please stay tuned 🙂


i was able to work on my blanket of variegated yarn, it is lovely to make different combinations with only three shades. maybe you think it looks too dark and if you are a lover of pink hues you will miss them 😉  but i’m in love with these three colors. 


wip crochet blanket of variegated yarn


the blanket is now large enough to keep me warm while working on it and that is wonderful as the evenings get colder. it will take a while before i like the size of the blanket that is why i have bought extra yarn (14 balls). 




if you like more info about the yarn and how to crochet soft and flexible ribbed fabric you can visit my previous blog post via this link.


today i like to join ginny’s yarn along at small things
wish you a lovely day and thanks for visiting!




24 thoughts on “work in progress: crochet ribbing blanket

  1. This blanket is going to be huge!! I have been making baby blankets recently to get that instant(ish) gratification feeling!!

    • Thanks Emily! It is a favorite thing to crochet for me: blankets! The one you see on the photo is for myself and it won’t be huge, but larger than a baby blanket😊 Thanks for visiting!

  2. You inspire me Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous crochet creations. 🌺

  3. Amazing blanket and colour combination!

  4. I don’t think it looks too dark at all. It looks ever so cosy and snuggly and very at home on your sofa lol

  5. oh yes, I love reds and pinks, but come one : blues and greens together are stunning together !!!! Always!!! And what about stripes ? They are a must !!! I think I love your blanket ….. :oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  6. I shared!! Very pretty! Sandy

  7. Pretty colors!! That’s going to be an awesome blanket.

  8. I love the blanket Elisabeth. It is so beautiful.

  9. My favorite part of blanket knitting is the point when it acts like a blanket and keeps you warm while you knit long before you’re even finished 🙂 I quite like that colour combo too

  10. Your blanket’s ribbing reminds me of knitted ribbing, which I like the looks of. I’m curious — is crocheted ribbing heftier than knitted? If so, you may make a crocheter of this knitter!

    • Hello Nancy,
      Thanks for visiting!
      Regarding your question, I am not sure but maybe yes. My ribbing blanket is not a lightweight, 10 cm x 170/175 cm is about 100 grams of yarn. I work very loosely that eats yarn too. It is a lovely fabric! Sorry I can’t give you a more clear answer.

  11. Such pretty colors. And it looks so warm – perfect for those chilly evenings

  12. Oooh, the colors are lovely! Nicely done. 🙂

  13. Love the colors you have chosen!

  14. I love your colour spacings!