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doggie bed is finished


it’s friday and almost weekend!


the weather reports promise rain and wind, and sometimes some sunshine. how’s the weather with you? 


let’s talk about crochet. 

the doggie (or is it doggy?) bed i finished last night.

crochet doggie bed by elisabeth andrée

crochet doggie bed by elisabeth andrée


now i am looking for a sweet dog who wants to be a photo model and who can appreciate the doggie bed to sleep on or to lounge on while watching tv 🙂

after the photo shoot the cushion is for her/him. if it works, i do not know, but i will keep you informed. 


anyway, below you can see the pictures of the doggie bed or floor cushion. the dimensions are approximately 72 cm wide and 102 cm long and it looks a bit like a small size sleeping bag. in there is my old duvet which is still in good condition, but i bought a new one for myself that is more suitable for people with allergies. if i may say so myself, i think the result looks comfortable. 

more info about the squares and the yarn you can find in a previous post via this link.

would you make a bed or large floor cushion like this for your dog or cat? 


later today i will join creative friday at natural suburbia.


hope you will have a wonderful weekend! until next time!



23 thoughts on “doggie bed is finished

  1. This is gorgeous, and what a lovely idea! I’m so pleased it’s found a home with a labrador. Moo is now officially jealous, I might have to make her one too I think! xx

  2. I love the doggy bed your made – the yarn you’ve used is wonderful too, Andrée! I’m sure my two labs would enjoy many lazy hours sleeping on a comfy bed like that. From a styling perspective: the black would look fab on the colors of the bed, haha! I’m not sure I would allow them to sleep on such a beauty, though …. xx

  3. I like your mix of colors, softs and contrasting at the same time. I think that would make a great pillow for humans too! I also like how you closed the pillow on the side. The bows add a whimsical touch… and the crochet cover can be washed. That’s a plus!

  4. Ziet er zeer comfortabel en soft uit, ik zou er zelf op gaan ligge:)) leuke header van je blog trouwens, groeten Francien

  5. Cute and clever: Great dog bed … and also a fabulous cushion cover.

  6. Your doggie is sure to love this. Looks comfy.

  7. I love it Elisabeth – it came out beautifully. I believe a little doggy would love to relax on it. Have a great day. 🙂

  8. This is so, so beautiful! I definitely would make one for my dog AND cat – I’m going to go get one of each so I can start making beds, hehe. I’m loving the gradient effect, I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it if it was in my house!

  9. What a beautiful work!What beautiful colours! love it!

  10. Oh yes, yes, yes! Impressive to see how quickly you’ve worked! I send you my dogs to be a model for your doggy bed. 😉 I’m sure, they would love it! I would love to crochet it too but when? Greetings, Sabine.

  11. I love your doggy bed. If I had a dog I would definitely be wiping one up right now. I love the closures too.