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wip projects and do you want a new tutorial


hello and welcome!

today i already publish my ‘wip post’ because i’m offline tomorrow for almost whole the day.

i suppose it will not surprise you that i’m still working on the blanket that i want to make of the lacy with dot squares. i still find it very enjoyable to crochet with this yarn, i love the colors and it feels nice and soft.

info about the yarn and the pattern for the squares you can find here.

rainbow of crochet blocks


last week you could see the first photo of my spring project and here it is……….

crochet spring bag


spring bag

it is this little shopper and it is almost ready but i’m still working on some details for the inside of the bag.



if you like i can write down how i made the bag, but i am not sure if you are interested.

so be sweet and let me know if you like to have the tutorial. 

comments close after 45 days, but the faster the response the better it is 🙂




thanks to everyone who has posted a comment in response to my question about the tutorial!

you can find the tutorial for the spring bag via this link


tomorrow (i hope i won’t forget) i will join:

enjoy your day!



59 thoughts on “wip projects and do you want a new tutorial

  1. I like to have the tutorial

  2. I would Love to know how you made this bag Thank you

  3. I love the bag, would love to know how you made it so I can make one for myself.

  4. I love the bag!! Please please please make the tutorial for us! 🙂