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birthday present


little doggie balou celebrated his first birthday last sunday and the thursday before i went to visit my friend jacqueline and balou and i brought along a birthday present. a small size ‘football’ made ​​of 8 hexagons, 7 black and 1 orange. this time it was not filled with yarn ends, but with longer strands of acrylic yarn.

a ball for balou

a ball for balou

balou still has his crocheted doggie toy. for his (human) mother and sisters i had made ​​cuddle cushions (same pattern) and jacqueline told that balou at times when he thinks no one sees it, grabs hers to put it with his own stuff.

he is a beautiful dog with a very friendly character. well below are some pictures, i hope you enjoy looking at them.

have a lovely weekend and until next time!

ps. second picture: sewing up the gaps helped for a while, by now the ball ended up in the trash can. this toy was not suitable for a puppy but balou was – for a short time – very happy with it. the next time i think i will make a more compact ball without gaps in it 🙂


weekend wishes


it’s friday and i’d like to wish you a very good weekend. 

just for joy a photo of a beautiful little flower of a blooming succulent on my garden table.

it’s shape and colors are perfect, don’t you think? if you like it, scroll down this page to see more pictures.

pink flower succulent

pink flower succulent


jar cover

and below are a some pictures of a birthday present for one of my brothers, a simple jar cover i made and hopefully my brother won’t think it is too feminine.

the colored things you see in the jar are balloons.



this was my babble about crocheting for this week.

enjoy your weekend and i would love to see you soon again!