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faux crochet again



a new week ahead, hope it will be a great week!

some of you are (already) really busy for christmas and i thought maybe i can help you just a little. last year i made some printable faux crochet stars which you still can find here and my post about christmas decoration to crochet including patterns and links to patterns which you can find here.

this weekend i made something new for you to print:

some of them are faux crocheted and some are more natural like plants or flowers. you can print them, cut and glew them on gifts or on cardboard and make a garland. you can decorate them with glittery thing or anything you like to do. maybe something nice to do with children or for yourself to relax.

here is the link to the document (pdf, 4 pages).

hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

i will be back later this week with some crochet.

thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “faux crochet again

  1. another great idea of yours!!!!!
    thank you Andre’e, xxxxxxxx Ale