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there were some questions about how i hardened the container and larger basket. below you will find a little explanation, but i’m no expert, so please, please do not ask me for detailed information, because i really do not know much about it. 


if you like to shape and/or harden your crochet/knitting work there are textile hardeners available, but i have never worked with them mainly because i think they are expensive. and you can use spray starch, thanks lucie for the info 🙂

there are probably already many blog posts written about this subject and i also have previously made ​posts about creating a yarn bowl with yarn ends, see here and earrings, see here.

but here is the explanation about the container and a little more.



for the container i have a square glass jar used as a template, the bottom is a granny square and upwards it are simply single crochets without increasing. 


the hardener is water-soluble glue which i diluted with the same amount of water in which i have dissolved three sugar packets (3 was just a guess). with the mixture i made the container thoroughly wet. the glass jar – my template – i wrapped with cling film before i have drawn the wet crocheted container over it. i used the hairdryer for a while and i let it dry for 24 hours, then i took i of using a knife to loosen it from the cling film and jar. it took a few days before the container was hardened properly. the result feels firm, but it’s not super strong, so do not expect miracles. i think the shape is pretty but one or two times in the washing machine and the glue and sugar are probably completely washed out. 

larger basket

baskets and container

the larger basket (made of yarn leftovers) i have hardened in the same way as the container. if you like to make a large basket too, you can use this tutorial for the bottom and stop with increasing the number of stitches if you think the bottom is large enough. the two rows with an open structure you create with crocheting small groups of 2hdctog (two half double crochet together) with 1 chain between them.

crochet basket upside down edge

crochet basket upside down edge

small baskets/bowls


the small bowls – not hardened – are made as follows (this is a very brief description):  

crochet two chains, 8 single crochets into the second stitch from hook, join. first row two sc in each stitch and then multiply every row with eight stitches until you think the bottom is large enough, thereafter keep crocheting single crochets without increasing to create the bowl shape. if you like you can crochet 1 or 2 rows of slip stitches along the top edge which will give the bowl a somewhat rounder shape.

that is it, have fun with your yarn and glue;) !



5 thoughts on “crochet container and baskets

  1. thank you my dear!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Thank you for sharing this information.
    Actually I have a question about the seedling in the small glass jar. I assume that there is no hole in the bottom of the jar.
    Can the seedling grow in the jar for a long time? Does it not get too wet and become affected with mildew?
    It looks so nice on the picture!

    • Hoi Estella,

      Dank voor je bericht, ik antwoord even in het Nederlands.

      Het gaat prima met de stekjes, ze zijn van een soort vetplantje en groeien heel langzaam. Ik heb ze na die stortregen uit de tuin gered, alwaar ze ronddobberde en ze in dit glazen potje gedaan en binnen gezet. Als de aarde droog is, gooi ik er een plens water op. De originele plant staat ook binnen, ik zal er een keer een foto van maken.


  3. Goh, wat lijkt het me heerlijk om jou als buuf te hebben. Je bent een bron van haakwijsheden. 🙂
    Mijn Ierse buurvrouwen zijn totaaaal niet geinteresseerd in haken of alles wat handgemaakt is. Ik geloof zelfs dat ze het truttigheid ten top vinden. Tja, smaken verschillen en ik ben gewoon te hip (of hippie). 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing. I wondered how everyone’s baskets kept their shape.