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hopefully you had a cozy and warm (easter) weekend.
just before the yellow yarn seduced me to purchase it ;), i was busy with choosing colors for a new pouf. yet another poof, you may think, but the gray one ‘has left me’ to live with my youngest brother. the large purple pouf is still waiting for someone who likes to have it. for the summer to come, i have another, somewhat softer color scheme in mind, the warm woolly cushion covers i will wash, fold and put in the closet.

for the new pouf i last year bought yarn in a beautiful combination of colors, i think…

color scheme pouf

but after a few rows i stopped, because i can not work with it and i was frustrated. this yarn does not split a little bit but it splits in a terrible way, i will keep it in a box until i know what i can do with it.

splitting yarn


luckily at the beginning of this year a web shop had a sale and i bought cabotine phildar, a bleached peachy color (second from the left), it is almost a neutral shade.  so i was looking for what i thought was a nice combination with similar yarn from my stash and i thought about embroider decorative stitches on the cover too.

colors for pouf

i had put it aside for a while and looked on facebook and there was just posted a photo by someone whose work i admire for a couple of years. the colors resembled those of my yarn and her work looked so beautiful. i sent her a message to ask if i could post her photo on my blog and within half an hour i had a positive response including the picture.

i love it! thanks for the image karen barbé!

2013 KarenBarbé embroidery workshopswip my new pouf

my plan is this: i crochet the cover uni-colored and then decorate it with embroidery stitches in various shades. see also this pillow cover
will be continued…
karen barbé
for more info about karen barbé’s work see her website via this link: blog.karenbarbe.com
or her facebook page via this link: facebook.com/karenbarbe.textileria
she has also beautiful tutorials and this is one of them: creative-mending
have a great week!


12 thoughts on “color inspiration

  1. Ik zie dat ik iets verkeerd heb gedaan bij mijn reactie op deze post, want ik zie ‘m niet.
    Wat had ik ook al weer geschreven?
    In de eerste plaats dat ik al vaker klachten had gelezen over Cotton Soft wat betreft splijten.
    Ik had even gedacht dat iemand met veel haakroutine, zoals jij, er misschien wel mee overweg zou kunnen, maar dat is dus niet zo. Serieuze waarschuwing dus.
    Wel jammer, want nu blijf je ermee zitten en het zijn zulke mooie kleuren.

    De andere kleuren zijn ook mooi.
    Leuk om je ook bezig te houden met borduren.
    Daarmee zijn ook mooie resultaten te bereiken. Zoals het werk van Karen Barbé laat zien.

    • Hallo Estella,
      Wat jammer en raar dat je vorige reactie is verdwenen. Leuk dat je me toch nog een keer schrijft, ik lees je mening altijd met plezier. Dat er over Cotton Light meer wordt geklaagd, wist ik niet. Hopelijk bedenk ik nog een kunstje om er toch iets van te maken. Hopelijk tot gauw!

  2. It’s a lovely colour you have chosen for the bsse. Perfect Colours for embroidering.
    That will be beautiful.

  3. That cotton yarn looks FRUSTRATING! Can you return the unused skeins for a refund? Love the look of the embroidery; I just wish my embroidery skills were up to something like that!

  4. thank you for hte introduction to Karen’s work. Her embroidery is lovely and i can’t wait to see how you interpret it.

  5. Oh I can’t wait to see your finished embroidered pouf! (+that pale color is one of my favorites right now…) What a wonderful idea! I love Karen’s image, too. Beautiful – Many Thanks for the link – I will definitely go for a look see. Have a nice day, Anette

  6. these colors are beautiful! (and my all time favorites) neutrals grey, sand and hues of blue. this will be a dreamy pouf, for sure!!

  7. Spannende wips (blijft toch een grappig woord) heb je weer. Momenteel ben ik ook veel aan het borduren, op stramien en op haak/breiwerk. Vroeger maakte ik complete ‘ meesterwerken’ oftewel merklappen. 🙂 Mijn ouders hebben ze nog steeds in de keuken hangen. Nu houd ik het bij kleinere projekten.
    Ik ben heel benieuwd wat je op de roze poef gaat borduren. Prachtige inspiratie van karen barbé! Over meesterwerken gesproken.
    Email volgt gauw.
    Liefs uit brrrrrr Ierland

  8. Splitty yarn always irritates me too. Your plan for the pouf sounds like it will be pretty – can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. 🙂

  9. The jacket I crocheted last year was made from a yarn that kept splitting. I can understand that you decided to stop for the moment. It’s very annoying when that happens.
    I love the idea of embroidery on the crochet. That will look fabulous!
    Thanks for your kind wishes.
    Bimbi x