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spider blanket


some years ago i made the orange spider bag

orange spider bag by elisabeth andrée

see here for the tutorial 

and now …
… is here …

the spider blanket

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

it is the same stitch pattern but now i’ve crocheted blocks with off-white edges. around the blanket i made a simple crocheted edge with the same off-white yarn.

the yarn i used is phildar coton 3 with crochet hook size 3.5. of each color i needed one ball and of the off-white yarn 4.5 balls.

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

the pattern works quickly, in about two weeks i had this little blanket ready. the only problem was to weave in the ends on the edges around the blocks, which i like to secure extra by sewing them with plain white sewing thread.

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

i am satisfied with the look of these cheerful girly spiders:)

spider blanket by elisabeth andréespider blanket by elisabeth andrée
hope you enjoy your weekend!


on request i made a list of numbers of the colors i used. not every color is still available, i chose number 069 as a reasonable substitute for the 3rd color seen from the top of the blanket.

please please note that i do not work for/at phildar and i therefore can not help you with questions about the yarn or where to buy it.

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

049 craie (off white)


038 violet

061 clematite

069 lavande

057 guimauve

001 rosee

062 poudre

033 corail

006 vitamine

034 oeillet

036 fuchsia




42 thoughts on “spider blanket

  1. This is truly lovely ans skilled. Beautiful colours too!

  2. I’m in love with your blanket. I love everything about it, the colours the pattern, how neat you made it….great job!

  3. Wow, very beautiful blanket. I love the spider pattern. And wonderful colours.Lisa

  4. Love your picot pattern! I’ve downloaded it – thanks for the link. And it’s lovely in a blanket with white edging. That you’ve stepped from one shade to the next vertically is also very charming!

  5. WOW! Your blanket looks gorgeous and the colour combination you have chosen is so lovely! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  6. Wow……………….!!! Beautiful color combination,Thanks for sharing.www.blissfulsewing.blogspot.com

  7. This is beyone gorgeous! I love it. It is on my list of things to do! I used to make a baby blanket with this particular pattern all in one though, I just love the squares! Thanks for sharing!

  8. The blanket looks awesome. You have used such lovely colors.

  9. wow, love this blanket1! I love the way you’ve done the rainbow on it and the stitch is lovely

  10. The blanket looks amazing. The colors are so cheerful and warm.

  11. Love this blanket. The colors are gorgeous!

  12. I love both of these!!!!Thanks so much for sharing both the bag and the blanket.And also the pattern!!!! WOW!!

  13. Wow~ this is just fabulous! Love your color choice and beautiful texture. I really wanna crochet now.. You do such a lovely work.

  14. I love this blanket, it looks superb

  15. how beautiful!!!!

  16. That blanket is so lovely! You did such a great job!

  17. I ADORE the blanket – the colour combination is awesome!But I am also loving the vibrant shopping bag

  18. Wow, it’s great!

  19. what a beautiful blanket! I love the colors and the composition!!

  20. This is beautiful. You are very talented. I love everything you make!

  21. Thank you ladies for your very kind words! You made my day!!:)

  22. Wow that looks gorgeous! I adore the colours you used!

  23. This is gorgeous. Love the bright cheerful colors. I can knit a tiny bit, but never learned crochet.

  24. Beautiful! Love the colors and the look – I’m just working on my second ripple afghan, in white and pinks =)

  25. Helemaal geweldig !!!!!XXX

  26. totally in love with your work!!!! the colours are amazing… i ‘ii try to make it!

  27. Beautiful Blanket, love your color choices!!

  28. Such a gorgeous stitch. Love the look of the blanket overall. Great work!!

  29. wundersch??ne Farbzusammenstellung und das Muster ist entz??ckend!l

  30. Love this! I agree with the other comments: fabulous colours. It looks like it would go very fast in the making. May I ask what yarn you used?

  31. Hello Melanie, Thank you so much for your kind words. For the Spider Blanket I used a selection of colors of Phildar Coton 3. It is a very lovely cotton yarn to work with. Thanks again!

  32. I love this blanket but am having trouble downloading the instructions..only a diagram come up….could you help…ty sharon

  33. @ Sharon, Thanks for stopping by. There is no pattern for this blanket, but you can download the diagram for the spider stitch (see the link in the text). What I did was this: two spiders in width and two spiders in height for one square. I have no written pattern and on MyPicot are only diagrams available.Thanks again.

  34. That looks great!! Would you please tell me which colors you used?

  35. It’s a gorgeous blanket – lovely colors. 🙂

  36. I love the way you graded the colours. That is quite an eye-catcher.
    Bimbi x

  37. For Andrea Stamas: I have crocheted the squares together.
    First crochet a row of 1 half double crochet and 1 chain around the squares.
    Then hold two squares with the wrong sides facing each other and alternately crochet into the hdc of the top and the bottom square. After the last hdc of the first two squares make 1 chain and then start with the next two.
    Good luck!