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crochet opaline blanket in the works

so glad you come again for a visit, thank you!

the opaline blanket now has nearly five rows of faux blocks and i started with the eleventh ball of yarn.


i have buttons and beads gathered together, crocheted a few motifs and bought some yarn that all fit the theme seaglass. i do not know if i will use every single thing, but i like to decorate the blanket with the various items that you can see on the pictures.


the crochet flower motifs i made some years ago and i don’t have instructions for them. the small squares and the cups are made with katia jaipur and the patterns can be found here and here


the evenings are pretty cold, but fortunately the opaline blanket is now large enough to keep me warm while sitting on the couch and working on it.

later today i like to join ginny’s yarn along at small things

this is all for today, wish you an enjoyable rest of the week and hopefully see you soon!


crochet projects done and work in progress

welcome! hopefully all goes well with you!

it’s been about three weeks since i last wrote a blog post. 

in recent weeks i finished the yellow vest and a new version of the orange spider bag.  

this time it has become the lilac spider bag with a different type of top and handles, but the stitch pattern is the same. at first the shape of the bag has not become what i had in mind, i put it in the closet and have not looked at it for a few days and now i actually think the bag looks fine. i still have some improvements to make and after that i will post a couple of new photos.

collage lilac spider bag by elisabeth andrée

the yellow shrug is also finished and as you can see it is not haute couture, but it wears very comfortable and feels so soft. i love the thing!collage yellow shrug by elisabeth andrée


a few years ago i worked on the blue diamonds blanket and although it is not quite done i want to do something similar.

diamonds blanket crochet and embroidery by elisabeth andrée

and maybe you can remember the baby blanket? see here for the pictures and pattern. i had made some variations on the stitch pattern of that blanket, please see here for the photos. the large dark gray blocks i like the most and that is the pattern i chose to make a blanket of only those fake squares.

collage blankets by elisabeth andrée

the new blanket will be a combination of the ideas of these three blankets.

the yarn is called opaline and it is phildar impact 6 and i crochet with hook size 6.5 mm. the color reminds me of sea glass and therefore i want to decorate the rug with colors that you can see on pictures of sea glass, see here or here

i still have a long way to go before the blanket is finished, but i find it quite fun to work on while imagine how i’m going to decorate it.

opaline blanket in the works by elisabeth andrée

that is it for today, the ‘how to’ for the foldover bag is coming, please be patient for a little while?

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully soon!


baby blanket pattern

the baby blanket is finished and it has become a very soft one and i hope that it meets the requirements: modern, baby blue and boyish.

baby blanket by elisabeth andrée


my blanket is elongated and measures about 97 cm from side to side and from top to bottom 68 cm, but you can adjust this pattern to any size you like.


used stitches (american terms):

ch = chains 

ss = slip stitches

h dc = half double crochets

dc = double crochets

2 dc tog = two double crochets together


used materials: 

6 balls of phildar cabotine azur (pale blue)

1 ball of phildar cabotine ecume (soft gray)

crochet hook size 4.5 mm


how to make

baby blanket stitch pattern

with main color: crochet chains as many to give you the length/width you desire for the blanket. for sure, crochet some extra chains, your don’t need to count, if you have to many chains you can detach them, cut and/or weave in the yarn end.


row 1.

make 1 dc into the 5th chain from hook and into the next 13 chains (15dc). *make 1 ch, skip 1 ch, crochet 1 dc into the next 15 chains (15 dc).* 

repeat between * and * until end of row, 2 ch, turn.


row 2.

1 dc into the next 14 dc, *1 ch, skip 1 ch-space, 1 dc into the next 15 dc*, repeat between * and * until end of row, 2ch, turn.

row 3 – 9.

repeat row 2. 

but end row 9 with 4 ch instead of 2 ch, turn.


row 10.

skip 1 dc, make 1 dc into next stitch, *1 ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 dc into next stitch*, repeat between * and * until end of row, 2 ch, turn.


next 9 rows. repeat row 2.

row 20. repeat row 10.


follow this pattern until your blanket has the size you want, the last row is a repeat of row 2. 


don’t fasten off.

you’re now crocheting a row all around the blanket. 

with right side facing, make 4 ch, skip 1 dc, make 1 dc in top of next stitch, *1 ch, skip next stitch, make 1 dc into top of next stitch*, repeat between * and * until the next corner, **make 4 ch, make 1 dc into same stitch as last dc**. repeat between * and * between the next corners and repeat between ** and ** for the successive corners, end with 4 ch and slip stitch into the top of the starting chains.

fasten off.



with a second color you are going to crochet three rows onto top and bottom of the blanket.

babyblanket edge


a. attach second color to the top of a corner at the front and make 4 ch, skip 1 stitch and make 1 dc into the next stitch, repeat row 2 three times. 

don’t fasten off.


b. on the front at the side of the blanket, (work loosely), 1 ch, make 1 h dc in the first space, crochet 2 dc tog in this and the next space, crochet 2 dc tog in the 2 next spaces and repeat this almost until the end of row, cut yarn with a length that is sufficient to finish the row.


repeat a. at the bottom of your blanket and finish b. end with 1 h dc into the same space as the last 2 dc tog.


c. repeat b. at the other side of your blanket but now you can work from start to finish.


you can add one or two rows of slip stitches around the blanket. i did that along the top and bottom, but not along the sides.

enjoy making your own blanket!



baby things 2

how are you?

despite the warmth i can still crochet, especially in the evenings.

the baby blanket is almost finished and it feels so soft, i only have to weave in the yarn ends. i can send it as soon the baby is born.


the pattern for the blanket can be found  on my blog soon.


at the moment i’m working on the handles of the storage bag for a baby room (another baby),  then i’m going to decorate the bag with ….


please take a look at:
until next time!