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wip: storage bag and more


nice to see you, hope you are fine!

with my storage bag for a baby room i’m not very advanced. the handles and ribbons are finished, but i still have all the yarn ends to weave in. the application motifs i have almost finished, i want to sew eyes on some of them and then i have to attach everything onto the bag. 


green waves

also i started on a new project with the 20 balls of cotton yarn i recently bough on a sale (because i don’t have enough yarn already and because i don’t have enough unfinished projects yet;)) and i think that green is so delicious.

i have spent hours and hours on finding a suitable pattern but eventually i decided to crochet a simple wave pattern because that gives – again – the best effect. 

the intention is that it will be a large piece of fabric that is suitable for draping.

it is a convenient project because i can pick it up and crochet a few rows between working on my other projects and my daily things.

new project, green yarn

and you, do you work on 1 or more projects? 



14 thoughts on “wip: storage bag and more

  1. I used to feel incredibly guilty about having more than one WIP at a time, but recently I’ve had a kind of epiphany! I realised that I just wasn’t being true to myself by being so linear, I get so much more enjoyment from my work when I have a number a projects to choose from. I’m much happier now 😀

  2. Right at the moment I just have one thing on the needles – socks of course – but I think I’d better start something else. I’m zooming through my socks way too fast! That green IS delicious! And the fish motif for the baby’s room bag is adorable!

  3. Herkenbaar hoor, allerlei projecten tegelijk! 😉

  4. That green is gorgeous! And yes I do have a number of projects going at any one time. Some I try to focus on more than others and some are just never ending projects that have been around forever!

  5. I like your new project. I haven´t enough yarn too and always find sales that I can´t let go. I´m doing a sweater in white cotton, a lace wrap and yesterday I began a shawl to a friend for her birthday in september.

  6. I like the yarn for your bag. I tend to have a couple of knitting projects on the go (1 mindless such as socks, 1 more complex) and a crochet one

  7. I always have at least 2 projects going at once and a big basket for random christmas gifts

  8. I have actually finished some projects so not too many started, but many that need to be startedLove the wave effect!

  9. I often have many projects on the go but right now I am concentrating on one which I want to get finished before starting on Christmas knits, yes I know it’s only July but if I don’t start them now they will not be finished in time.

  10. I always have at least two projects…one that is larger and requires dedication and time and then another simpler more mindless project. I always feel like I’m accomplishing double the work!

  11. Darling, who can honestly say: I have enough yarn?
    Love the little fish.

  12. Yarn is therapie. 🙂

  13. Two lovely projects – one near the beginning and one near the end. Perfect really.
    I usually have multiple projects on the go, at the very least one knit and one crochet quite often more than that.
    Enjoy your oretty green yarn.