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free to try: vintage and no vintage patterns


free crochet patterns for motifs

are you ready for some small projects?

i was and so between crocheting baby things and my everyday life, i tried a few patterns.

you can see the results, which one is your favorite? all six are free patterns, just click on the links:)

i used leftover yarn, catania and phildar crochet 3 with a crochet hook size 3.5 mm.


love this square!

crochet square by elisabeth andrée

i think i have done something wrong, because the square was going wavy and therefore i have slightly adjusted the outer row:
in the corners 2 dc, 1ch, 2dc and between the corners, 1 ch, 2dc. 

the original the homely blanket’ quest – square 16 looks great, so blocking might also have fixed the problem 😉


vintage 1

the square of the vintage pattern for a blanket is almost the same as the square that i used for the festive blanket.

only the outer row is slightly different.

take a look at this vintage pattern for the victorian lace afghan, it is very beautiful!

crochet vintage square by elisabeth andrée

vintage 2

this pretty doily i think is my favorite, it is actually referred to as a christmas coaster.

it is free vintage crochet pattern.


simple square

this is the square that i have used for my apricot bag, i just wanted to crochet it again.

this time with several rows of double crochets around it.

crochet square by elisabeth andrée


vintage 3

these are the first 4 rows of a pattern for a vintage table runner. i like the floral motif but the runner is a little too curly for me.

crochet floral motif


vintage 4

honestly, this hexagon is not my favorite, it looks like a job for years to make the vintage calico crochet bedspread.

if you like hexagons i think the pattern is worth to try.

crochet hexagon by elisabeth andrée

vintage 5

just finished this motif which is part of an edging pattern. i have only added a row of single crochets, 7 sc in each space of the outer row.

vintage crochet coaster by elisabeth andrée

don’t they look like siblings?
vintage crochet coasters by elisabeth andrée

hope you enjoy this small overview!

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have a lovely weekend!



13 thoughts on “free to try: vintage and no vintage patterns

  1. Oh I love the doily too! But all others are also pretty. As usual I am very impressed how nice and even your stitches are… Missed your posts due to traveling and will now take a look. Best wishes from Anette

  2. They all came out great! I especially love the colors of that first square!

  3. I love the wee round motifs, so pretty!

  4. Beautiful motifs. Simple and elegant

  5. Very nice! I like vintage 2, 3 and 5 the best. Thank you for sharing the links!

  6. Thank you for sharing such lovely projects x

  7. I love vintage 5 the most.

  8. I love the granny squares most, maybe because at the back of my mind there is a wish to make a blanket (having seen yours…). Thanks for the links.

  9. Such great (free, hourray) patterns. Love vintage 1 especially.

  10. Pretty work, isn’t it lovely to find treasures of patterns?

  11. They’re all very nice. I especially like the ‘Christmas coaster’. 🙂

  12. Hello, thanks for the patterns… I really like vintage 5:) the hexagon looks also nice, but I never hooked a hexagon, don’t know why….:)