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crocheted blue diamonds 7



glad you’re here!

the blanket is now too large for the dining table so i have spread it out on the floor to take a picture, but it is difficult to get a nice sharp photo with clear visible details. the sixth strip is ready but i must still attach it to the blanket. now i have two strips to go and then create the border.


advice needed

the lining of a bag i always make with the sewing machine, but i sew it in by hand. the blue diamonds blanket, i would like to provide with a lining because i think that it will be beautiful and to cover up the back of the embroidery. but i think that this blanket is to large to sew the lining onto by hand.


my question to you is: 

do you have experience with sewing crochet work with a sewing machine? filet crochet is stretchy and i do not want to use stretchy fabric.  

maybe you can and will advise me? hope you will write me!


see you next time! 
more wip can be found here:

9 thoughts on “crocheted blue diamonds 7

  1. Wow – what a fantastic piece of work! Can’t wait to see it finished. GLx

  2. Hello ladies! Thank you for taking the effort to write a comment and for the compliments. I appreciate it!To Natalie, Melissa, Blandina and Martina: Thank you so much for thinking with me and for helping me with your advice!

  3. AH! Now I can admire the whole of your very original creation ! and what a work! Bravo!I have posted it with your adress blog, on my facebook page.FleurBelge

  4. What a lovely blanket, but I’m not sure I would go for the backing. My guess would be that the weight of the blanket would be inclined to pull it away from the backing and it might stretch to a size bigger than the backing. You need to hand stitch and I would also secure across the blanket, not only the edge (maybe every second pattern). A sewing machine sounds troublesome for this project.I love it!Bimbi x

  5. I think that a backing will make the blanket heavier and maybe this is not what you wish to happen. The blanket is so original and beautiful that it doesn’t need anything else apart from a nice finishing around the edge.if you really must put a backing, I agree with Marigold that a blanket stitch would do the trick.

  6. i don’t think there is any way to attach the backing with a sewing machine. unfortunately i think it will just bunch or stretch and not look very good. i think your best bet is to sew it by hand. i did a quick google search and everyone agrees handstitching is the way to go. that’s probably not what you wanted to hear. . .sorry!i love the blanket though and i think the embroidery is brilliant!

  7. I can’t offer any advice but your project is gorgeous. I’m knitting a blanket in strips as part of a year-round project but I haven’t been brave enough to join any of them up yet.

  8. Your blanket looks fantastic, I am wondering what would be the best way to attach the backing to it? Would you want the blanket to still be stretchy? What about attaching the material with a crochet stitch, or blanket stitch?xx

  9. Thank you, Natalie! I hope there is someone who can advise me on that area. Hand sew or crochet I can, my point is whether it can be sewn neatly with the sewing machine. Maybe a backing is a silly idea for a crocheted blanket, I am not sure. Thanks for your response!