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black bag with brown edge and handles


finally after many months my bag is ready. well ready ….. i do not want to line it, but actually it is really necessary to do.


the bag has a square bottom and for the handles i made tunnels. to close the bag, i have created two button closures. when the bag is full of goodies, then it is possible to unfold the first closure and then an additional buttonhole can be used (see photos below).

if I’m honest, i like the bag but it is not really my thing, for me that is one reason to make another bag… some day. maybe with this bag i can make someone else happy.

here are some pictures for you to look at, unfortunately the brown color does not look very well on the photos.

have a great weekend!

17 thoughts on “black bag with brown edge and handles

  1. Would it work as a project bag or as a storage bag for stash? If you lined it with a thick enough fabric you wouldn’t have to worry about needles poking through.

  2. I like it a lot, it’s very chic!!

  3. The huge button is super cool. I like it! Have a nice weekend. Regula

  4. Your bag is really beautiful!

  5. Oh my, what is not to like, I adore it, so funky and hip!I must ask, is this your day job? If not, it should be – you are amazingly talented!Have a good weekend!x

  6. Oh, this bag looks like a wonderfully spacious carry-all. I like a bag that I can load my life into. 😀 Great job!!

  7. Lovely bag!

  8. Well done! I agree it would make a great carry-all or project travel bag. I have a pile of them sitting around to grab. Hope you at least enjoyed making it!

  9. Both color and design look very chic!And well, lining is also not my favorite thing to do, but it finishes the bag. The final touch.Wait until you have lots of time and nothing else to do.Have a good weekend!

  10. I love the design of your bag. It looks really chic, but practical too.

  11. the work is brilliant….this is so dignified and love the combination u used…

  12. You’ve made a lovely bag. You will get a lot of compliments when out and about with it.

  13. Hello sweet everybody:) Thank you so much for your comments, as always so very kind! I really enjoyed imagine how the bag should look and then creating it. Glad you like it!Thanks again and have a lovely day!

  14. It is a very pretty bag!I am also busy with a square bag, but larger, to use for wool/project stashing – don’t know yet how to make the handles, though…will make up a plan when I get there…

  15. Elisabeth, this bag is beautiful. I noticed your watermark – good for you! warm hugs

  16. Dear Elisabeth – thanks so much for visiting – Your bag is so beautiful!!! I love the giant knob…I wish you and your family happy holidays and all the best for next year. Love, Anette

  17. Wowww, wat een prachtige tas …ik loop wat achter met lezen van blogs …vandaar de late reakties xxx