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crochet strings-knot-necklace


the necklaces with the crochet strings are finished!

crochet strings-knot-necklace
how to wear?

you can wear the necklace with the strings loose, but the intention is actually this:

put the necklace over your head with the little straight piece at the back of the neck. in this little piece the strings are fixed and they can not slide….

crochet strings-knot-necklace

then make a large knot in the strings…

crochet strings-knot-necklace

and wear the necklace with pleasure!

i hope you like the concept!

crochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklacecrochet strings-knot-necklace

a small addition due to the question of whether the strings are made of only chains. they are not, see the photo below. the upper string are only chains, the lower are the two sides of a string of which the necklaces have been made. these strings meander.

crochet strings-knot-necklace

i had not realized that to others it may be difficult to imagine how it looks like when you’re wearing one of the necklaces. i thought, you put the thing over your head and then you make a knot in the strings:) i do not want to be unkind so i made a photo, it a not a good one because it is early evening and cloudy here, but it is the impression that counts, doesn’t it?

crochet strings-knot-necklace
have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Hello Sharon,Just tried and the link works. It leads directly to the correct pin on my crochet Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/pin/184858759674238321/Click on the photo which is the link to the tutorial. Success!

    • this link doesn’t work is there a tutorial

      • Hello Jennifer,

        I don’t have a tutorial for the necklace but there are tutorials for similar ‘strings’. The original link was for the tutorials by vashti braha but unfortunately, there are problems with her website and her tutorials are not accessible.
        Another tutorial can be found on the website of doris chan via this link: http://dorischancrochet.com/2011/03/27/foundation-single-crochet-2/

        Thanks for visiting.

  2. Is there a tutorial for your "Crochet Strings Knot Necklace? Very pretty!

  3. Is there a tutorial for this necklace..love it!

  4. Weer zoiets geweldigs, ik kijk mijn ogen uit …..XXX

  5. Thank you for linking into Made with love. Your work is always stunning… I’ve featured this on Colours dekor FB page http://www.facebook.com/ColoursDekor

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  7. gorgeous!Thanks for linking up at Made With LoveAngelique

  8. Hello fellow crochet-er (is that a word?) thanks from dropping by – I feel all embarrassed now as your stuff is seriously cool. Have you thought about doing bracelets in this style? I really like the whole ombre thing….as I said – very cool. Oh – shitty about the blatant stealing off your blog, rewriting it in a different language and calling it their own – what the!!

  9. Wow love the colours!! They look fantastic.

  10. These necklaces are so pretty! And thanks for sharing the photo of you wearing one – looks fabulous!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a fabulous week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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  11. They’re very pretty – and a great idea. They’ll look pretty with either t-shirts or sweaters. 🙂

  12. I think they are cute but I am having a hard time visualizing what they look like while wearing I wish u had posted a picture of someone wearing one.thanks for sharing came from nifty thrifty things

  13. What pretty yarns! Who could stop at one?

  14. Super nice, I wonder if the necklaces can be worn in winter as a scarf.

  15. Hello Blandina!</div><div>Thank you and yes:)&nbsp;I was planning to make one of acrylic yarn and then wear the knot near my chin when I’m cold or hang it lower if it is less cold. Nice that you have the same idea!</div><div>Hope you have a good day!

  16. Wow! They look fantastic Andr??e! Love them 🙂 Kx

  17. Gosh I haven’t crocheted in years. Like the concept. I found this through the Create and Inspire linky party. I linked in a pork and apple curry.Have a lovely week.

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  19. @Nicky The necklaces are all different. The yellow one has longer but less strings with a longer right piece.

  20. These are beautiful, I love the color gradations. I’m going to try one!

  21. Wow!!! These are stunning! Such a great idea!

  22. I love the concept and I sure will make one, at least!

  23. They look wonderful, Elisabeth!!! I just want to let you know, that I GOT THE PACKAGE!!! Thank you SO SO MUCH!!! It is wonderful. My mom did a great job in making the liner for the big bag and the small one too. I had not idea you gave me that small one, as well. My daughter loves the string with crochet flowers! She wears it all the time now! I will write you an email! Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Those necklaces are really lovely! How many strings did you use?

  25. I LOVE these, they are gorgeous and I am sure I will make some of those