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about the bag that went on world tour


a while back i told you about the yellow bag that was going to make a long journey (see here). from here in the netherlands it went to poland for it’s lining and now it is at it’s final destination somewhere in america.
ewa has sent me a few pictures to show on my blog. don’t she and her daughter look like professional models:) 
ewa, thank you for the pictures, enjoy your bags, girls!
have a lovely weekend everyone!




3 thoughts on “about the bag that went on world tour

  1. Elisabeth… this bag is just wonderful. We both like it a lot and since I got it it’s been use a lot 🙂 thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Oh, Elisabeth, I love that bag!!

  3. That’s a real pretty bag – nice and Summery. 🙂