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it were a few unusual weeks regarding my blog

after posting the little shopper that i had made with the mini squares i received many responses. as always, most were very nice and sweet and of course i was glad that other crocheters liked the bag. suddenly, i received comments of a different character. besides the kind comments and emails and the usual other responses (as for the little blue pills, models who like to show my crochet work undressed, the robot phrases, links to etsy shops, etc.) there were messages from people who almost commanded a pattern for the bag. strange behavior to my opinion.

and last week i received a comment from someone who had copied a part of this tutorial and published it on her own dutch blog and she had the photos being edited …. without asking me first. she did link to my blog. i have her two emails written, in my opinion friendly but clearly, asking the pictures to remove of her blog. i also explained why and sent her information about legal blogging. oh yes, i pointed her to a linguistic error and that i should not have done …. (by the way my own blog is filled with grammatical mistakes, i am aware of that).

the second email i had sent her because she did not react on the first.

today i received a very angry email back, with large red letters. she wrote me that i am not social, because i do not want to share my patterns and she also thought that i had to write in dutch. to her opinion, the email i wrote to here was angry and although i’ve just read it again, i see no anger in it. pffffffff …..

do you have such experiences and do you think you could take parts of a blog without permission from the author to publish it on your own blog? there is much discussion about it, legally you should not, but at the same time it happens a lot.

good, now back to our hooks.

i have experimented with looser crocheting. i’m not good at it and for me it was really an exercise. i – again – made sleeves/a shrug and have used crochet hook size 4.5 mm instead of 3.5 mm. the stitch is of the crochet contest, see here. the result feels very nice, like a silk scarf almost, but it does not fit very well, maybe it needs an extra row at the top edge of it.


then another try with the same type of yarn and now with 5.0 mm crochet hook …. i ripped it out already because it looked so messy.


now i’m working on these colorful squares.



to be continued.
have a nice day!

14 thoughts on “comments, copyright and crochet

  1. You so freely give of yourself with this blog, and just wanted you to know, II am certainly one that appreciates it. Crochet is lovely as usual.

  2. Thanks ladies for your encouraging words and that you support me! I really appreciate it!To Debi Y: The ‘pattern please’ is so bad that I had to laugh…. you can almost hear the person snap the fingers. I can imagine that you were not happy about it!Thank you all! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Just reading about your experience has made me so angry for you. I can’t imagine what makes people think it’s ok to do that!All that aside, your shrug, squares and blog in general are beautiful!

  4. Ugh that sucks! You are within your rights to demand that the blogger takes down the photographs, as they are not hers and she took them without permission.What I generally do is that I link directly to a blog if I want peeps to see a pattern or photograph, that way the originator gets the hits. Anyway, don’t worry about this person – we all know that you are always happy to share your work and we love what you do!

  5. Love the 2 tone shrug. I don’t understand why people are so demanded, and take from others blogs. I’ve only run into once. Someone had completely done and cut and paste of one of my rather involved travel blog posts. I always do a fair amount of research and include history etc in my travel blog, so wasn’t to pleased. I was able to get it removed; but no clue if there have been other situations. Hope not, but with the number of blogs I have now and have had…that’s probably being too naive. lol Best of luck

  6. Unfortunately you’re not alone in this kind of experience. I just hope a bad experience doesn’t make you question yourself or change what you think or do. You can, I think, report them to your blog host and their internet service provider since harrassment and threatening behaviour is illegal, along with your copyright concerns!

  7. Everything has already been said, do not let this accident stop you from blogging, crocheting and being happy.A hug!

  8. Shame that is awful, is there a way to stop her from doing it?I had an odd comment during the blog week that stumped me a bit even though it wasn’t very aggressive I found it rather rude, but I guess there are not just "nice" people out there in the big wide web – pity that! I am glad you continue to blog as I love visiting.Hope you come right.x

  9. The bottom line is — if you know you didn’t do it — ask politely or link back and give credit to whomever did it. I’m not a pattern or tutorial writer, but I most definitely appreciate people like you who take the time to put something together to help me get better at my crafting. It’s ridiculous that people like that woman, steal your stuff then get angry at you for asking them to play nicely.I hope this works out well. So sorry you had to go through this.

  10. Hi Elisabeth – I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. I don’t believe anyone has the right to take anything from your blog without your permission first. It is wrong. And for someone to practically demand your pattern is outrageous. I once received an email and the lady only wrote 2 words – ‘pattern please’. She did say please, but I still did not like it. If you receive a rude email demanding the pattern, you can tell them to figure it out on their own. You don’t have to share your patterns if you don’t want to.I really like the shrug you crocheted – it’s very pretty. 🙂

  11. I use that tutorial everyday as I am really new and still practicing stitches and chaining.. Sorry you were treated rudely..glad to see it hasn’t stopped your blogging…

  12. Wat een vervelende toestand zeg! Ik vind de ‘blogwereld’ juist altijd zo vriendelijk, maar blijkbaar gaat het er niet altijd even aardig aan toe. Jammer…. hopelijk trek je het je niet te veel aan en ga je lekker door met posten, ik geniet in ieder geval erg van al je prachtige haaksels!!Ik ben ????n keer foto’s van mezelf op een andere blog tegen gekomen (inderdaad ook w??l met een link, maar zonder toestemming). Heb het toen laten lopen, omdat ik het idee had dat het wel met goede bedoelingen was geplaatst. Maar het is natuurlijk niet o.k…….Succes!

  13. I totally agree with Bimbi!!! This is your blog and you can do whatever you want: share the pattern or keep it to yourself. If someone wants patterns that she should invest in some books or magazines or a trip to a library… As for the "writing in English" part, don’t worry. People who blame you for poor English are narrow-minded and I wish to know if they speak more than only they native language. most likely they don’t! You’re doing a great job here and you’re a big inspiration to many.

  14. Hi ElisabethYou’re really not having a very nice time with blogland at the moment!I think it’s good that you’re posting about though because it does make one think a bit. As for people demanding patterns – honestly! I think it’s nice that you do some tutorials, but I know they are hard work. Sometimes it’s nice to see your stuff and try to work out how you’ve done it and use it as inspiration. Maybe those who complain should contribute sometime too!Don’t take it to heart and concentrate on those who love what you do. By the way I love the metal ring idea on your other bag.Bimbi x