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work in progress green, yellow and blue


how are you? of course i hope it goes very well with you!


today i like to show what projects i’ve been working on the past few days.

maybe you can remember the green pouf? i worked on the edge but i was distracted by the look of the ribbing…

wip edge of green pouf


… and then started making ribbing with the same type of yarn, but in a lemon yellow color.

the yellow ribbing (1 fpdc, 1 dc, 1 fpdc, 1 dc) became the bottom of this bag, which is not yet finished. would you carry a yellow bag around or is it a no-thanks-not-for-my-bag-color for you? 🙂

wip yellow shopper by elisabeth andrée


a short while ago i had finished this bag, for which i only have to make a liner. although i am not using/wearing blue very often, i do love the look of this bag and how it feels and i like to keep it for myself.

blue and green bag by elisabeth andrée


the past few days were sunny and warm, i enjoyed that, but crocheting got a little slower and therefore the pouf is waiting for the last rows of crochet stitches.


hope you will enjoy today and the rest of the week.

until next time!


UPDATE: joining tamis ami’s WIP wednesday, hope you will take a look!

16 thoughts on “work in progress green, yellow and blue

  1. Pretty and practical, the perfect combination.

  2. Your bags are super! Totally different to the usual crochet bags and I love the colour combinations – both the yellow and the green ones are great!

  3. Those colour combinations are gorgeous, such an instant hit of happy!

  4. Prachtige tassen! De gele tas lijkt net een vrolijk kinderzomerjurkje.
    Maar de andere vind ik ook heel leuk. Ik hou van de combinatie blauw-groen.

  5. Excellent WIPs. I love the color yellow, so that bag is for me. Of course, I love the blue one too…..

  6. I’d absolutely carry the yellow bag around! It’s so cheerful and would put a smile on my face. 🙂

  7. I lóve both bags, Andrée, and would definitely use the yellow bag. My very favorite is the blue/green one – totally understand why you decided to keep that one for you! xx

  8. Yes, I would carry a yellow bag around – it’s a nice, bright color. I love the blue bag – very nice. 🙂

  9. I love the blue and green bag. Totally not something I would put together but I love it!! Also, cannot wait to see how the pouf turns out. I have not been brave enough to tackle that big of a project!

  10. Wow, you changed your fotos twice… I like them 😉 And I love both of your bags, especially the yellow 😉 I would use it. Greetings, Sabine.

  11. Wow! Cute projects. I love the colors you chose and the finished design.

  12. I love the yellow bag – it is so joyful.