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WIP – bag and scarf




here you see two of my WIP crochet projects. 
a shoulder bag

made of black and taupe acrylic yarn with a touch of mercerized cotton in the same shade. i just need to sew the tunnels and two buttons and crochet a closure. i don’t think i will line the bag.

sorry for the unclear pictures.
the crochet strings-knot-necklace 
(see here) in a somewhat warmer version, so it is more a scarf or cowl. i only have two pieces to attach to the strings and then it is ready. the strings together are too thick to make a knot (it would give a big knot just below my chin, which would cause funny scenes when eating tomato soup for example) but i’ve thought of something else.
that i’ll show you next time.

7 thoughts on “WIP – bag and scarf

  1. I love the bag… it looks like it has taken ages to make…so many tiny stitches! The scarf too… you are a very patient crocheter 🙂 Hugs, Jill x

  2. Love the bag…..knew I would :)Thanks for sharing.x

  3. The bag is already great!! Good that you don’t need to line it ;-). I’m really curious how the necklace will look in the end, it’s already pretty cool!

  4. Both of your crochet projects look very nice. The strings necklace is a creative idea – will keep you warm and looking pretty. 🙂

  5. Great ideas.

  6. Oh die schouder tas is gaaf!

  7. Pretty, pretrty, pretty: you are crocheting ath the speed of light!