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short time ago i told you that i did not previously work on so many crochet projects
at the same time as the last few weeks.

i made ​​a list and and this is a summary:


i’m enjoying myself with my yarn and crochet hooks and you?
see more creative projects via these links:
have a lovely day!
crochet projects by elisabeth andrée

on this photo you see the pink pouf, 3 bags including the secret project and the blanket with the blue diamonds.

15 thoughts on “crochet projects

  1. Hello,
    I see lots of bags and they all say, “instructions included”, or something resembling that. However, I see no instructions, not even the type of thread used. Can you tell me where to find these?
    Thank You,

  2. You have lots of things on the go! Hope you get to finish them all soon 🙂

  3. busy busy bee!!!!! :oD
    xxxxx Ale

  4. I am a bit envious, in this period I do not feel half the energy or the inspiration that you seem to feel.
    I love what you make and the colors you use. Great job, dear friend!

  5. I’m loving that bag in the front!

  6. So many lovely projects, one day I would like to learn to crochet that day is yet to come…..

  7. I’m really loving the pink/greeen combinations. It’s delightful. You do seem to have a lot of projects going all at once! I do to. I wish I would reign it in a bit, so I could finish things more expeditiously, but I can’t help it.

  8. I accomplish so much more when I write it all down. Happy crocheting!

  9. I’m scared to list my WIP’s!

  10. The crochet bags looks awesome! I think I am going to have to learn how to crochet, I love all the different projects that people do. And everyone tells me it is faster than knitting. Another project to add to my list of skills to learn 🙂

  11. I love the pink and green bag! Great colors.

  12. I love your crochet bags – I will have to have a go but they look tricky x

  13. Sit down, make a list, and half the work is done! Happy crocheting. Regula