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winter woolly white bag – 2

it is ready!

winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée

this bag i did not crochet with double thread as i did with the blue and black handbag, but with single, except the handles. instead of fabric i crocheted four tunnels for the handles. at the front it can be closed with a button and i have an old earring sewn which my mother worn long ago. at the back i made ​​a pocket.

next week it will travel as it is a gift for someone who lives elsewhere in the country. let’s hope that the postman can find the address…

regarding the crochet contest: just two days and then you find the list of participants here. it is getting more and more exciting!

have a lovely weekend!
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée


on request some more information about how i’ve made this bag.

  • hook size 4 mm
  • 3 balls of acrylic yarn a. cream (it looks like unbleached cotton) and 1 ball white both bravo schachenmayr nomotta, 50 grams = 150 m (i like to combine these two shades because your creation suits both white and off white and won’t clash other white or creamy things)
  • 2 vintage buttons (i’ve sewn them on top of each other).
i’ve worked with single thread, unlike the original pattern  and started with 92 chains and followed the pattern until i had 35 cm. then i again followed the pattern. the white top on my bag measures 4 cm.
the handles you make as follows: with double thread make 122 chains, first hdc in 3rd stitch from hook and in each subsequent chain. weave in the ends and make knots in the four ends of the handles.
the four tunnels

for each tunnel attach yarn at 1 cm from a side of your bag at the right side and crochet 8 cm width using the same stitch pattern as the white top. regarding the height: when you fold it your handle must exactly fit into the tunnel without having it stuck. sew the tunnels on the inside of your bag with the handles already in them.


make the closure the same way as the tunnels, but with a buttonhole in it, let the width depend on the button you use. 

the back pocket 
crochet 24 chain
  • row 1. make 1 dc in 3rd stitch from hook and in all the other stitches until end of row, 2 ch, turn
  • row 2. make 1 dc in 2nd dc and in all the next dc until end of row, 2 ch, turn
  • row 3 and further. repeat row 2 
(i started with two rows in the same color i used for the body of the bag and then i continued with white yarn, the last two rows i crocheted again with the first color). in total i have crocheted 20 rows. 
don’t weave in the ends yet.

for the top edge of the pocket
  • attach your yarn at the right side. if you look at the stitches, you see that every stitch (dc) has two spaces. insert your hook in the first space of the first stitch and pull up a loop, insert your hook into the second space of the first stitch and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull your hook in one go through the loops on your hook. 
  • insert your hook in the second space of the first stitch and pull up a loop, insert your hook into the first space of the second stitch and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull your hook in one go through the loops on your hook.
  • insert your hook in the first space of the second stitch and pull up a loop, insert your hook into the second space of the same stitch and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull your hook in one go through the loops on your hook. 
  • repeat this patterm with all the other stitches till end of row. 
use the ends of yarn to sew the pocket onto the bag.
finishing touches
attached the yarn at the right side next to a tunnel and crochet ss around the top edge of your bag between the handles and also around the edge of the closure. sew on the button. crochet two simple cords (just chains) for the pocket. make knots in one end of each cord, pull the cords through the openings at the top of the pocket.
your bag is ready!
i hope this information helps you a little.
winter-woolly-white-bag by elisabeth andrée

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winter woolly white handbag

hope it goes well with you!

currently i am working on a version of the blue and black handbag, but i like to try to make the handles differently. i am inspired by this picture. 


by eccomin


no idea whether i will succeed… and i am not sure about the fabric parts…. but with something glittering on it, you would have a christmassy bag. 

i keep you posted.



how to make this bag yourself

scroll down for the tutorial.




blue and black handbag

blue-and-black-handbag by elisabeth andrée

i had to work quickly and therefore at first i was not going to make a tutorial, that’s why i have no pictures taken while i was making the bag. anyway, i hope it’s all clear to you, it’s not a complicated pattern (at least i think so).

blue-and-black-handbag by elisabeth andrée

with the blue yarn, i tried to crochet a sweater last year, but that did not work and i ripped the thing. i hope you can see on the pictures that the blue yarn is slightly thicker than the black.

i used about six 50 grams balls of the blue yarn and about 2 of the black (but it may be that the blue yarn is stretched a little)

the blue yarn is charly, phildar, 50 gram – 114 m
the black yarn is popular fin, beijer, 50 grams – 200 m
you need 4 push buttons and – if you like – something nice to decorate your bag with like an old brooch or earrings.

the bag is crocheted with double strands of yarn with crochet hook size 5 mm

used stitches (american terms)

chains -ch
slipstitch -ss
single crochet -sc
double crochet -dc


how to make the bag

make 76 chains 
  • row 1. first dc in the third ch from hook and in all the other chains until end of row, 2 ch, turn
  • row 2. 1 dc in 2nd stitch and in all the other stitches till end of row, 2 ch, turn
  • row 3 and further. repeat row 2
  • i crocheted about 52 cm
  • the blue part of my bag measures now it is finished: width 52 cm (without the edges) and height  24 cm
  • don’t cut the yarn
  • fold the left and right sides towards each other 
  • you can attach the sides together in the following way, start with the side where the yarn is still attached: 1 ss in the last dc you have made, 1 ss in the the opposite dc. crochet alternately 1 ss in each dc on one side and 1 ss on the opposite side. you get a nice edge this way
  • cut the yarn and do the same on the other side of your bag
  • cut yarn, weave in ends.

top of the bag
  • on the next row, you work in the top of the dc, that is the smallest space (actually the sides of the stitches)
  • attach the same color yarn onto any stitch at the top of your bag
  • work 1 sc in the top of the dc, *1 ch, 1 sc in the next dc*, repeat between * * until the end of row
  • cut the yarn and weave in ends (i never finish with a ss into the first stitch but sew the yarn neatly) *.
blue-and-black-handbag by elisabeth andrée
  • attach your second color yarn to any 1 ch space, make 1 ch, *1 sc in next 1 ch space, 1 ch*, repeat this but don’t end the row, just keep crocheting in circles until you like the height of your bag.
  • the black part on my bag is about 8 cm high.
  • don’t cut the yarn, but crochet these stitches until you are 9 cm from the side (left or right), here you start making your first handle
  • crochet 80 chains (customize this number if you want longer or shorter handles, mine measure about 48 cm and fit around my shoulder if i wear my winter coat)
  • make 1 sc in the 1 ch space 9 cm from the other side, 1 ch, 1 sc in next 1 ch space
  • keep crocheting and repeat this to make your second handle
  • keep crocheting until you reach your first handle.
  • crochet 1 sc in the first ch of your first handle and in all other chains,
  • between the handles you crochet 1 sc into only the 1 ch spaces of the last row,
  • 1 sc in all the chains of your second handle and
  • 1 sc in the remaining 1 ch spaces of the last row until you reach the first handle again. 
crochet 2 rows of ss, then you can cut the yarn and weave in the ends. *
  • attach the yarn in any ch on the inside of the handles, crochet a sc in every ch and every 1 ch space
  • then you crochet 2 rows of ss
  • cut the yarn and weave in the ends. *
attach press buttons at the top on the inside of your bag and decorate as desired.
see: how-to-make-a-mesh-bag. scroll down to ‘top part of the body’.
 blue-and-black-handbag by elisabeth andrée
your bag is ready now, enjoy!



my good old bag is broken 😦  

not a crocheted one but a bag that i had about 12 years, he’s been almost everywhere with me. last week i was in a store at the cash desk and suddenly my bag was in pieces. luckily i had just paid because later at my front door i found out that a broken bag is difficult to open. it took a while before i had got my keys.

the square bag will not be so quickly finished, so i crocheted this bag.


simple and not even lined, no closure, only a few push buttons. to decorate i have an old brooch pinned on it. the bag works fine and he’s been with me to the dentist already. that was not nearly as bad for him as it was for me.

later this week i will write down how i’ve made ​​the bag. hope to see you then!


free pattern available: here is the link to it





bag & vest

good to see you again!

it’s a bit of a lukewarm time here on my blog, but of course i crochet and luckily i have some photo’s to share with you.

a short while ago i showed you the pictures of peachy colored blocks and some black. that black is the winter version of my square bag. not that the summer version is ready … i understand that that is called a PhD, project half done:) 

square bag

with the winter version, i am already well progressed. i’ll line the bag with cotton bags that i got -years ago- at a shop of cora kemperman, a dutch fashion designer.

Img_6407 Img_6417 


the peach-colored squares form a vest and i have crochet an orangey border around it, while the sides are medium gray. for the sections under the arms i have crocheted diamond shapes in the same shade of gray. after i have attached them, i can work on the lower ends of the sleeves and the vest. it’s a bit puzzling, but i want to bring it to a good result.

to be continued…
hope you have a great week!