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crochet rectangular grannies cushion cover

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in a previous post i wrote that for quite some time i was looking for a pattern for rectangular grannies. there are several (free) patterns available, but when i saw the diagram of this pattern i made my choice. the pattern is written and it has diagrams. i made only a small adjustment, instead of 1 chain spaces in the corners, i make 2 chain spaces. 

this is the direct link to the pdf.

rectangular crochet squares by elisabeth andrée

i used a mix of cotton yarns and hook size 3.5 mm.

  1. scheepjes larra which is a mercerized cotton – colors 7398 pistache green (only for the centers), 7421 petrol and 7414 bright green 
  2. phil coton 3 – color 58 jade (light aqua blue)
  3. and smc catania – color 100 which is the soft yellow.

the hues on the photos are not exactly the way they are in real live. the cushion cover has a somewhat busy look, but not as bright as you see on the pictures.

for the future

it was a fun project to do and for sure i will crochet more rectangular grannies in the future and make them with a different kind of yarn and/or colors.

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cushion covers by elisabeth andrée


crochet projects: 5 done and 3 in the works

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below may be an overload of photos, but i hope you like to take a look 🙂

do you remember this picture of my post of the 6th of may?

side tables and inspiration board elisabeth andrée

a small and simple sidetable that i found in my mother’s house and this is how it looks with it’s new cover.

the yarn is softfun of scheepjes. on the floor you see a vase which was also my mother’s and although i think it is very ugly i know my mother has it for years and years, so i took it home with me. 

for an empty glass jar i made a ‘dress’ in the same style as the (super)market bags i have made lately. to make the rope i crochet foundation half double crochets and attached it to the cover with two large keyrings. with some led lights in it, the shadows look wonderful in the evening. used yarn is a combination of catania and phil coton 3.

for no reason i tried a vintage pattern. it is a large motif of the irish crochet doily number 7635 which you can find here

used yarn is phil coton 3.

crochet motif of an irish crochet doily free vintage pattern

just because i love this yarn – which is better for knitting – but it is so beautiful and it is the best yellow i have seen for a while. two balls of katia creta, crochet hook size 5.00 mm and very loosely made double crochets, some slip stitches along the short sides and four wooden buttons. voila, a simple and super soft cowl for my sister in law. 

crochet cowl with button closure by elisabeth andrée

finished too is my lilac shawl, more photos and notes how i crocheted it you can find here. the bright green bag is made with the same stitch pattern (years ago) and it has a complete other character because off the yarn and color. 

three wips

a cushion cover in citrus hues (free hand, no pattern)….

in the works crochet cushion cover in citrus hues
….. and these rectangular grannies.

for quite some time i was looking for a pattern and although there are many great patterns available, when i saw the diagram i thought yes, that is the rectangle i like to crochet. the pattern is written but it also has great diagrams. a small adjustment, i make 2 chain spaces in the corners instead of 1 chain spaces. i don’t like to squeeze 6 stitches in such a small space. direct link to the pdf is here.


last but not least, 42 ‘another squares’ are all blocked and ready to be sewed together. pattern for the squares here.

will be continued….

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things 

well that is all i have to show you today. if you have time, leave a small note with what you think is your favorite project.

have a wonderful day, rest of the week and until next time!


crochet stuff in girls’ rooms

for the two daughters of friends, i have some things crocheted and it’s nice to see how it looks in their rooms. here are some pictures to show you. 


loves the color blue and in her room she has a lamp with crocheted motifs on it 

and a pendant lamp on which her ​​mother has wrapped a garland.



has a large palm tree on the wall with chairs in front with round cushions on it. one side is crocheted, the other of fabric and the grandmother of the girls sewn the two sides together. 

thanks to helga for the nice pictures!