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hello, welcome!
last days/weeks i have been (too) busy crocheting and my shoulders, arms and hands hurt. it became worse this week because i had to remove furniture when the radiators in bedroom and livingroom gave problems (including a leak in de bedroom which spoiled my wallpaper).  the mechanic has solved the problem and i put everything back in place. 


today i can show you a mix of projects, hopefully you like to look at them? 


a little basket for my mother in bright colors: orange, three shades of pink, that i want to fill with small soaps. i bought her a cushion cover, 2 guest towels and a dish cloth with the image of a pink cockatoo. i hope it brightens her day a little, it is almost two years ago my eldest brother past away and my mother said that for her it feels like it happened yesterday. he was her first child. 


the tutorial for the spring bag is finished, you can find it here and i have been working on a birthday present, a blue bag of which the strap is long enough to carry it cross-body. i need to line the bag and to make some decorations, then i can wrap it in some pretty paper. more photos after the birthday.

bags by elisabeth andrée

bags by elisabeth andrée

i didn’t have time to work on my own bag, but i am sewing together the lacy with dot squares and that is a relaxed thing do.


next to these project i have made a small planthanger, which i will show you another time and i have been trying some stitch patterns from my book


while i am writing this post i realize it isn’t surprising my hands are sore 😦


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10 thoughts on “WIP and something finished

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the bag. I hope your arms are feeling better.

  2. for me (a knitter!) I find crocheting particularly hard on my hands!!! if I had done all that work that you showed, I don’t think I could pick up a hairbrush!!!!

  3. Zo herkenbaar, die pijnlijke schouders, armen en handen. En hoe irritant dat iets waar je zoveel plezier aan beleeft dat soort klachten veroorzaakt. Ergens is het haken kennelijk gewoon een verslaving – ik kan alleen met heel veel moeite de naald een tijdje laten liggen. Om vervolgens te gaan breien – ook niet echt DE oplossing :-(. Sterkte en zorg goed voor jezelf.

  4. hope your arms stop feeling sore soon. Very thoughtful gift for your Mum

  5. I love the bags they are so bright and beautiful The basket for your Mum is divine I am sure she will love it.

  6. What a gorgeous gift for your Mom, the colours are so pretty and I love the bag!!!!! X

  7. That’s a very lovely gift for your Mother – so thoughtful. I like the bags with their bright and cheery colors. 🙂

  8. I was thinking the same : not really a surprise that Andree’ hands and shoulders are in pain !!!! ;oD
    ….maybe some days of rest from crocheting….. !
    Your basket is lovely and I really think your mum will love it!!
    Xxxxxx and hugs for both of you, xxxxxxxx (extra) Ale

  9. Dear Andrée, hope you get well soon. You have to relax for a while! And I hope, you can smarten up the days of your mother. I love your little basket! Wish you some better days! Sabine.

  10. Nice projects 🙂 Take care of your sore hands!!