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WIP: shawls, blanket and a ball

hello again, so nice of you to drop by!


last week i told you about my ‘secret project’ and thank you for your responses to it!

yarn for melange blanket

and yes it is going to be a blanket, some patchwork, let’s say my melange blanket


in the meanwhile i sewed all the shawls, scarves and squares together, after i first had crocheted a row of double crochets around some of them. it is washed, and now i’m working on the edge. 



and the tiny balls of yarn you can see in the first picture i tied together to make ​​this snowball i use for another project (the caramel-colored yarn i don’t use this time). but i’ll tell you more about it soon. 


to be continued…

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wip: secret project

hello, hello, hello! happy to see you!

a while back i mentioned that i started on a secret project. started was not quite the right word because i only started last monday evening. 

the question was, what do i do with a pile of old scarves, made by moi and worn, and – also a pile – leftover yarn, all in the same shades? oh well, the answer is obvious isn’t it (?) and i hope i can work it out. most of the scarves are from 2008 – 2010 according to my photo archive.

old scarves and leftover yarn



the bedspread for my mother is finished, it is washed, the photos are ready, i still have to write the accompanying words and then you can look at the whole later this week on my blog. i am very curious to your opinion. 

tomorrow i will send the bedspread with a nice letter to my mother. she does not know i made it for her, so it’s wait and see what her reaction will be.


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see you soon!



threads, threads, lots of threads

you always keep these too?

bag full of yarn ends - elisabeth andrée

and i made it into this

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

a while ago i saw on carolyn’s website a recipe for making a paste with which you can make a bowl out of yarn. she used a long piece of yarn (her bowl is quite chic), but i wanted to use my left overs. i took a glass bowl, then put cling foil on it. i soaked the yarn in the paste and then applied it all onto the bowl. i thought it was quite nice with my hands in the goo (is goo the right word, it sounds funny?). it took a very long time before it was dry.

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

this is the result. for a first attempt the bowl looks not bad, don’t you think? 

some pictures of the bowl still wet

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andréehow to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andréehow to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

by the way, i think this is a fun project together with kids:) !

recipe for the paste

on the picture below: that is not milk, it is the paste. the recipe of the paste and further instructions you can find via this link:

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée