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basket, bowls and glue

hello and welcome!

the snowball made of yarn leftovers is now a basket with a neon edge. 

crochet basket with neon edge

sometimes i amaze myself with the fact that i forget to think. i had the basket when it was finished, washed and then i used fabric softener. it was nice and soft, including the side, which obviously remained lying flat. 


to solve this, i have a mixture made ​​of water-soluble glue/children’s glue and sugar water and applied it onto the basket. now the basket is firm enough to function as fruit bowl/basket and in december i can fill it with baubles. the material feels a bit like a straw basket.


variegated yarn

earlier this week, i admired the work of haafner and she asked whether or not you like variegated yarn. this is an ongoing subject on the ‘interwebs’ i have the impression and it seems a majority don’t love this kind of yarn. 


to my opinion variegated is nice as long as it is not ‘into your face’. a part of the melange blanket (photo below) is a scarf that i made years ago and then i did nothing with it, because it is too much for me.

melange blanket and variegated yarn

but over the years i have learned to appreciate variegated yarn and have used it for projects regularly.

for this pouf, for example, and for the small grannies i used variegated yarn but have the yarn cut into pieces and made small balls of it. that way i can keep control over the colors. 


sometimes variegated yarn consists of such soft tones they don’t really stand out like the yarn of this scarf. and if you work with multiple threads of different colors, you create your own variegated yarn as in this round rug.
i like to combine variegated yarn with single colored yarn, i can well appreciate the effect of it.


but sometimes things go a little wrong and then i am unable to imagine a project for the yarn i have. it was a small child who said to me that the yarn was beautiful and i thought then i like to make something for a little girl’s room. that became the storage bag and while i was crocheting it reminded ​​me a bit of a fish tank, hence the fish.


because i came yarn deficit for the melange (patchwork) blanket i bought some new, you guessed it, variegated yarn. you see it on the photo above, the smaller square. and also this time i cut it into pieces and made smaller balls​​. 


from another part of the yarn i made this container


and from the dark parts i hooked small bowls


and a cover for a tiny glass jar with plant cuttings. it’s on the windowsill in a cold place and if the temperature is going to drop i prevent with this ‘sweater’ the cuttings will get cold feet roots 😉



i wonder how you get inspired by your yarn, let me know in a comment if you like?

that is it for this week, hope you will celebrate your weekend and it would be great to see you next week!

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threads, threads, lots of threads

you always keep these too?

bag full of yarn ends - elisabeth andrée

and i made it into this

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

a while ago i saw on carolyn’s website a recipe for making a paste with which you can make a bowl out of yarn. she used a long piece of yarn (her bowl is quite chic), but i wanted to use my left overs. i took a glass bowl, then put cling foil on it. i soaked the yarn in the paste and then applied it all onto the bowl. i thought it was quite nice with my hands in the goo (is goo the right word, it sounds funny?). it took a very long time before it was dry.

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

this is the result. for a first attempt the bowl looks not bad, don’t you think? 

some pictures of the bowl still wet

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andréehow to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andréehow to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée

by the way, i think this is a fun project together with kids:) !

recipe for the paste

on the picture below: that is not milk, it is the paste. the recipe of the paste and further instructions you can find via this link:

how to make a yarn bowl by  elisabeth andrée