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another crochet square: a new variation to try

good to see you!

it’s already monday afternoon, at least in the part of the world where i live, and i hope you will have a great new week!

would you like to try a crochet square? i made a variation on ‘the another square‘ and i just posted the recipe as an update. you have to scroll down a bit to find it because the new instructions are located under the instructions of the original ‘another square’. 

hope you like the square and have fun with crocheting it! this is the link to it.

until next time!

close up of another square variation by elisabeth andrée


crochet projects: one finished, one wip and something vintage

welcome! thanks for stopping by!

last week i have not worked on my opaline blanket, but i have done a few other things.

lacy with dots crochet cushion cover

one project is finished and that is this lacy with dots cushion cover.

it is made with three colors of scheepjes softfun. more info about the yarn you can find here and the pattern for the square here

crochet bag

this bag is finished too, the crochet work i mean, it needs a lining but so far i didn’t find a fabric i like.

the bag is made with cotton 8 of the label scheepjes (info here), lovely yarn although it is a little thinner than the cotton 8 i’m used to of other labels and therefor it is not really suitable for making bags (i think). the result is a bit baggy hence lining is needed.

vintage square

last night i tried a vintage pattern, i’ve pulled out the last few rows because the square was getting wobbly and crocheted a modified fifth row and this is the result. i am not a great lover of bobbles (except for edges) but i love this square!

the pattern counts 7 rows, it is free available here (scroll down for the picture of the square) and it is an easy to follow description.

well, that is all i have to share this week.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

until next time!!

details of crochet bag by elisabeth andrée


work in progress: crochet opaline blanket

welcome, so kind of you to visit my blog! 

last week i didn’t have to show you much, so i skipped the work in progress post. 

the opaline blanket is finished, regarding the crochet work and now it is time for sewing on small crochet motifs, beads and buttons and making embroidery stitches. on the picture you see small pieces of white paper that i’ve pinned onto the blanket so i can remember where i like to have the items. i think i need to work on my bed, because the blanket is too large for sitting at the table with it and the floor is hard to sit on for a longer time 😉 

photos below

if you like you can find more into about the stitch pattern that i use for the blanket here (pattern baby blanket) and here (info about the variation on the stitch pattern that i use for my current blanket).

the pattern for the square on the left you can find here and the squares on the right here.
used materials:
  • the opaline yarn is phildar impact 6 and i worked with hook size 6.5 mm.
  • the small squares are made with katia jaipur and hook size 1.75 mm.

over the past weeks, i have also made a few bags, but i’ll tell you about that another time.

hope the rest of the week is pleasant for you and i hope to see you soon!



crochet work in progress: giant cushion, blanket and more


we are halfway the week and i almost forgot that it is work in progress day 🙂

hope you are fine and that every day you find a little time for yourself to be creative?!


i am still working on my soft ribbing pattern and so far this is my favorite of all blankets i have made (i think, because i love them all). if you like the look of this blanket in the making, here is the link to how to crochet a stretchy ribbing fabric.

wip crochet soft ribbing blanket by elisabeth andrée


another wip is the giant crochet cushion made of brown variegated squares with colored edges. currently i sew the squares together, one side of the cushion is half way done. more info about the yarn and the squares you can find here.

wip giant cushion cover of brown variegated squares with colored edges


last but not least, the foldover bag and the small cases are still waiting to be finished.

wip scheepjes stonewashed bag and cases


but one part of this set is done and that is the small mesh shopper. if you like to know how it looks and are curious how to make this bag yourself, here is the link to the info


small crochet mesh shopper inside by elisabeth andrée


well that is it for today, but of course i love to join ginny’s yarn along at small things. if you like to see creative projects just click on the link. 


wish you a wonderful day and i hope to see you again very soon!
thanks for visiting!






wip crochet blanket and giant cushion cover

welcome to another wip blogpost!


still working on my soft ribbing blanket. maybe a silly thing to say but i am in love with the blanket, because of the way it looks, its colors and softness. i bought some extra balls of yarn, because i was a little worried that i did not have a sufficient amount. it will take a while before this blanket is finished.

work in progress crochet blanket of variegated yarn by elisabeth andrée


98 squares

nevertheless, i started a new project: a giant cushion cover. below you see a cotton pillowcase that measures 70 x 70 cm, bought in a sale a while ago for only a few euros.

cushion 70 x 70 cm

in it is folded an old duvet cover of about 2 x 2 meters, clean but damaged and it was really time to make a crochet cushion cover to make it a better looking item for mine or someone else’s interior.

49 squares for each side, that is the number of squares i need to make.

the pattern for the square is very basic and if you visit the app store you can download the free app:

simply crochet granny square a week

among other patterns you can find there ‘granny doris‘, which is similar to the ones you see on my pictures.

the patterns in the app are written in british english and american english terms and there is also a diagram. sounds great, doesn’t it?! if you like to have more info about the app, please visit the app store.



since i am not a great lover of brown (except for trees and animals) i almost never work with the color. but this brown variegated stylecraft yarn is lovely, the name is sandstone. for the edges i use stylecraft in different colors and i work with crochet hook size 4.5 mm. 


how about your work in progress? maybe we will meet on instagram and/or ginny’s yarn along at small things


wish you a wonderful wednesday! 


WIP crochet squares of brown variegated yarn by elisabeth andrée