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spiky points on your ears

do you like the idea to hang spiky points on your ears or around your neck?

spiky points earrings - elisabeth andrée

this is what i used:

  • dmc petra yellow and dark grey cotton yarn
  • hook size 1.75 mm
  • needle, scissors
  • glue and water (basic glue for children, just make a mixture of 50/50)
  • paper towel
  • square glass dish
  • earrings, necklace


see my tutorial:

how to crochet the spiky points.

when you’ve finished them soak the points in a mixture of 50/50 glue and water. remove them from the mixture and squeeze out as much liquid as possible as you smooth them between your fingers. then pat dry in tissue paper or paper towel and lay them flat in a square glass dish. let them dry and ready they are. attach them to earrings or on a necklace.

spiky points earrings - elisabeth andrée


the glue you use is water soluble which means that it gets sticky or liquid again when you walk or cycle in the rain, for example. a textile hardener like paverol is a safer option.


a small addition

if you’ve crocheted the points then make two rows of single crochet and only then fasten off.
so after the last treble of the pattern make 1 ch, turn, *1 sc into the first stitch and in the next 5*, 1 ch, turn, repeat between * and * once more.
fasten off.

to the tutorial for the spiky points

spiky points earrings - elisabeth andréespiky points earrings - elisabeth andrée

spiky points

someone had two questions for me:

1. you always work with cotton or acrylic, why not with wool?

i am allergic to many things and wool is one of them unfortunately.

2. i think the pointy bunting is very nice, do you have a pattern for points that are more spiky?

sure, look at the picture. i’ve based the pattern on an insert on the back of a crochet dress (sorry, no picture of the dress, i lost it).

spiky points - elisabeth andrée
  • coral acrylic yarn, hook size 4 mm 
  • gray acrylic yarn, hook size 2.5 mm 
stitches (american english):
  • ch = chain
  • ss = slip stitch
  • tr = treble

at the beginning of a row you have to replace a stitch by a number of chains, for example 4 ch for a treble. i’m used to crochet 1 ch less, in this case 3 instead of 4 ch.

how to 

1. ch 6, 1 tr in 4th ch from hook, 3 ch, turn (=2 tr)
2. 1 tr in top of turning ch, 3 ch, turn
3. same as row 2
4. same as row 2
5. 1 tr in last tr of previous row, 2 tr in next st, 3 ch, turn (=4 tr)
6. 1 tr in next st and in the next 2 st, 3 ch turn
7,8. same as row 6
9. 2 tr in next 2 st, 1 tr in next st, 3 ch, turn (=6 tr)
10. 1 tr in next st and in the next 4 st, 3 ch, turn
11,12. same as row 10, but at the end of row 12 make more chains if you wish.

for attaching the points together see how to make a pointy bunting:
tutorial pointy-bunting

more pointy things:

tomorrow will be my last post about bunting for a while. next week a very different project for you.
spiky points - elisabeth andrée