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the photo of these pillows i saw on etsy and i pinned here.

Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 257 Triangular Cushion Pillows

the shape of the pillows is unusual and i think it is created by attaching two diamond shapes together. the pattern is for sale on etsy.


i wanted to make a similar shape without increasing or decreasing the number of stitches and with only one side to close by sewing or crochet. of course you always have the points where rows begin and end unless you work in a spiral. 


while looking for information i found and pinned a tutorial for sewing whimsical pillows and how to make a pyramid sachet.


suddenly i remembered that i had pinned a picture of similar shaped toys that a blogger had made ​​for her dogs.

Colorful Pyramid Toys by Lazy Earthlings

on her blog she explains how she has made the little pyramids. she has no crochet pattern, but actually you do not need one,  just look at her drawing and photographs here



i started a test project on basis of her information and this is the result: 

crochet pyramid shape on side table


it is very easy to do and if you’re like to make a liner you can use your crochet work – before you close it –  as a template on the fabric. 

my pyramid is about 24-25 cm (width and heigth) and i have crochet very tight to create a solid fabric. then i stuffed it with white acrylic yarn. 

the end result is very nice – if i may say so myself – and this size is very suitable for a small child to play and cuddle with or it can be a stylish object in an interior depending on the colors. it is washable, the outside is cotton (phil coton 3 and catania yarn) and the stuffing is acrylic (dries quickly). 

once i have some time i will make a pillow with a mature size, but with different crochet stitches and type of yarn and with a lining. 


below are a few pictures. 

i’m curious what you think.

hope to see you soon!


crochet pyramid shape