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crocheted orange flags


almost weekend!


do you follow the world cup? i do a little but many people in my neighborhood follow the dutch team more fanatical. their gardens and balconies are adorned with all sorts of orange decorations, including plastic garlands with orange flags. this pretty white cat lives two doors away and on the background you can see the orange decorations in ‘her’ garden. 

white cat

white cat



i won’t show you a picture of the garden on the left, because my neighbors can hardly stand upright there by all their decorations:)


crocheted flags

a few years ago i hooked a version of cotton yarn, 11 orange flags, one for each player of the team. see the original blog post here. but below there are some new pictures to see: 



recently my friend alessandra has posted about this type of crocheted triangles and the variations she has made. in her post you will find the link to the original charted pattern, so if you like to make your own version of this garland here is the link to the explanations



the next match of the dutch (orange) team will be a little thrilling and i will certainly sit in front of the television with my crochet work and support them. will you also watch matches of the world cup?


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wish you an enjoyable weekend !!
orange garland by elisabeth andrée

orange garland by elisabeth andrée


crocheted orange drape

the orange drape is finished!


it has a double edge and therefore ​​it became a little curly. the edge i also made ​​a little different than is written in the pattern and instead of three rows, i have made four rows of medallions​​. 

the shawl drapes beautifully and i think it will be quite chic in a natural color. it’s an easy pattern to follow with good charts, but i did not really have fun making it and so i was glad i was done with it, not sure why. the pattern is from the 2012 vogue knitting crochet special, which i have on my ipad.

as usual, i have too many pictures a serie of pictures for you to see, i’m curious to your opinion about the drape.

if you like, just click on the photos to see them in a larger size.


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hope you will have a lovely and sunny weekend!


orange drape on a hanger
orange drape details
orange drape on the couch


WIP orange drape

hello, good to see you! 🙂

the shawl, drape (i don’t know how to name it) which i make of medallions is almost finished, i’m working on the last row of the edge at the moment.

crochet work in progress: the orange drape

crochet work in progress: the orange drape



thank you for all the good suggestions (see comments), i have tried many different stitches, flowers and more and i also have tried different colors, but there was nothing i was happy with. so, at the end i have decided to leave the gaps between the motifs the way they are.

i made ​​four rows of medaillons and the short ends of the drape are diagonal, but i do not know whether the result is very well.

anyway, it should be finished on friday because i want to send it to my mother that day. sunday is her birthday and she will be 82! 

friday i will post more pictures of the finished orange drape for you to see and judge:)


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hope to see you soon!