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welcome! hopefully all goes well with you!

it’s been about three weeks since i last wrote a blog post. 

in recent weeks i finished the yellow vest and a new version of the orange spider bag.  

this time it has become the lilac spider bag with a different type of top and handles, but the stitch pattern is the same. at first the shape of the bag has not become what i had in mind, i put it in the closet and have not looked at it for a few days and now i actually think the bag looks fine. i still have some improvements to make and after that i will post a couple of new photos.

collage lilac spider bag by elisabeth andrée

the yellow shrug is also finished and as you can see it is not haute couture, but it wears very comfortable and feels so soft. i love the thing!collage yellow shrug by elisabeth andrée


a few years ago i worked on the blue diamonds blanket and although it is not quite done i want to do something similar.

diamonds blanket crochet and embroidery by elisabeth andrée

and maybe you can remember the baby blanket? see here for the pictures and pattern. i had made some variations on the stitch pattern of that blanket, please see here for the photos. the large dark gray blocks i like the most and that is the pattern i chose to make a blanket of only those fake squares.

collage blankets by elisabeth andrée

the new blanket will be a combination of the ideas of these three blankets.

the yarn is called opaline and it is phildar impact 6 and i crochet with hook size 6.5 mm. the color reminds me of sea glass and therefore i want to decorate the rug with colors that you can see on pictures of sea glass, see here or here

i still have a long way to go before the blanket is finished, but i find it quite fun to work on while imagine how i’m going to decorate it.

opaline blanket in the works by elisabeth andrée

that is it for today, the ‘how to’ for the foldover bag is coming, please be patient for a little while?

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully soon!


spider blanket

some years ago i made the orange spider bag

orange spider bag by elisabeth andrée

see here for the tutorial 

and now …
… is here …

the spider blanket

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

it is the same stitch pattern but now i’ve crocheted blocks with off-white edges. around the blanket i made a simple crocheted edge with the same off-white yarn.

the yarn i used is phildar coton 3 with crochet hook size 3.5. of each color i needed one ball and of the off-white yarn 4.5 balls.

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

the pattern works quickly, in about two weeks i had this little blanket ready. the only problem was to weave in the ends on the edges around the blocks, which i like to secure extra by sewing them with plain white sewing thread.

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

i am satisfied with the look of these cheerful girly spiders:)

spider blanket by elisabeth andréespider blanket by elisabeth andrée
hope you enjoy your weekend!


on request i made a list of numbers of the colors i used. not every color is still available, i chose number 069 as a reasonable substitute for the 3rd color seen from the top of the blanket.

please please note that i do not work for/at phildar and i therefore can not help you with questions about the yarn or where to buy it.

spider blanket by elisabeth andrée

049 craie (off white)


038 violet

061 clematite

069 lavande

057 guimauve

001 rosee

062 poudre

033 corail

006 vitamine

034 oeillet

036 fuchsia




orange spider bag

orange-spider-bag by elisabeth andrée

question: “how did you make the little ​​orange bag?”

it is about four years since i’ve crochet ​​this orange bag for someone else and i have only a few pictures. fortunately i found my notes from that time. 

you can download the diagram of the stitch pattern yourself, you can find the link below the text. it may be that i have to remove the picture of my blog because of copyright, so please download your own.


used materials
i have used a simple kind of cotton and hook size 2,5 mm. my memory fails on the number of skeins but i estimate between 4 and 6.
orange-spider-bag by elisabeth andrée

this is my way to calculate, but everyone will do it on his or her own way. in the diagram you can see that 1 spider is 12 stitches. that number is used for how many spiders you want, the width of your bag (or cushion cover, scarf,…). the diagram clearly indicates which rows you need to crochet in height and width to get a full spider. 

to avoid counting errors, i counted the chains of the diagram = 38 chains and for each extra motif, i added 12 chains. i have made ​​a total of 98 chains for each side of the bag plus 3 chains to start. the bag has 8 spiders in width and 8 spiders in height. 

  • you crochet the two sides together with the right sides facing each other, i have used single crochet
  • for the top edge you can crochet some rows of single crochet
  • for the handles your crochet the number of chains until you have the length you want and then you make single crochet on both sides of the chains until you have the desired width
  • sew the handles onto the bag.
close up of the orange-spider-bag by elisabeth andrée

another type of handles

of course you can also make the handles like the handles of the doily into bag. i now prefer those because i think they are prettier and also because these handles are stronger. just measure at the top of your bag where you want the start and end points of the handles and then crochet the number of chains for the length you want (handbag or shoulderbag) and then make the number of rows to get the width you would like.

this is what i can tell you about the orange spider bag, please let me know if you have questions about it.

  1. download diagram for the spiders (pdf)
  2. to tutorial doily into bag (handles) scroll down a bit


don’t know how to work with diagram yet?

click on these links and you find all the information you need to read diagrams:  

  1. crochet symbols and terms
  2. how to follow crochet a diagram

orange-spider-bag by elisabeth andrée
orange-spider-bag by elisabeth andrée


success and enjoy!