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renée’s sofa blanket

my cousin renée and i are the two girls in the family with the boy’s names (renée and andrée), well we are now adult women of course. she herself is a creative person and lately i noticed that she is interested in recycling jeans.

not so long ago, we were in a small shop in the hague and there was a large basket full of doilies, not vintage doilies but probably made by women who live in the nearby retirement home. i bought two to make bowls of, one for renée and one for me, but it did not happen. 


about a week ago i remembered that there were 12 balls denim colored acrylic yarn in my closet, waiting for a good project and see: a sofa blanket for renée.


a doily with pizzazz

it is a narrow blanket made of double crochets only until the yarn was on with just the right size to fit on a couch, adorned with one of the doilies and a wool white edge. the doily i have sewn onto the blanket with pastel colored yarn and also some stitches in neon colors to give it a bit more pizzazz.

first i wanted to sew the doily onto the blanket with white thread, but i remembered the post on tiff’s dottie angel and i found the embroidery stitches with colored yarn a prettier option.

doily with embroidery stitches on renée’s sofa blanket. the blanket and the doily i washed separately, the doily i then ironed while it was still damp and only then sewn onto the blanket.


enjoy renée!


have a lovely weekend everyone and until next time!


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sofa blanket adorned with a doily and embroidery stitches



blanket with neon accents

welcome back!


the last few weeks i worked on my gray-brown blanket. 


when i started this blanket i did not feel for crocheting granny squares or ripples or another familiar pattern. i decided to use a simple stitch pattern and to make it a little unusual. as you can see it has a block, lines and angles. maybe a little weird to your opinion?



brown and gray is a little too faint for me and i embroidered on it with neon colored yarn. the neon yarn i bought last year because i wanted to crochet a white scarf with neon accents, but crocheting with the neon colors made me almost cross eyed:) crocheting did not succeed, but embroidering with it was fine.


the stitch pattern gives the blanket a very comfortable feeling. it feels really good and i become attached to it already. i had actually want it slightly bigger, but then it would be too heavy for my washing machine.

someone asked me how i’ve made this blanket and therefore i will write a global description of it later this week here on my blog.

for now i hope you like the pictures!

have a lovely week!



if you like to go to basic pattern description