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gray and yellow crochet blanket finished

hurray! 🙂



the crochet blanket made of greige, grays and yellows is finished! despite the blanket largely is crocheted with a neutral color, it made my eyes a little ‘loopy’ and therefore i’m quite happy i may work on other projects now 🙂

for this blanket i have not bought 1 single centimeter of yarn, all the yarn is from my stash. that is the reason for the edge of simple bright pink stitches, i just didn’t have a sufficient amount of a bright color to create a real border.

the blanket looks quite unusual and i am not to sure about the result, but i think i already have a destination for the it, i will tell you about that another time.


small square crochet blanket on footstool by elisabeth andrée



if you haven’t been able to visit my previous blog post, i have a question there for crocheters, i hope you will take look.

crochet yellows and grays blocks blanket folded


that is all for this week, but below there are some more pictures to see!

wish you a very nice weekend and hopefully we will meet again soon!


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until next time!


wip gray and yellow crochet squares


a few days ago i started a new project to turn leftover yarn from other projects into something soft and warm. the greige-colored yarn is the main color, i bought too much when making the bedspread for my mother. of the yellow and gray tones this is what i have and also a little off-white. more info about the yarn here.



pattern and some tricks

a while ago i read that crocheting into chains instead of into the chain-spaces gives a neater result. while making the blocks i wanted to try that when crocheting the outer rows and indeed i must admit it looks better.



inserting my hook into a small chain was sometimes difficult – chains between other stitches always seem to be shrunk 😉 – but then i thought it would be easier with a slightly smaller hook. now i crochet the squares with crochet hooksize 5.0 mm and size 4.5 mm for the outer rows.

if i start a new row with an other color, i use this method to prevent the beginning 3 chains. at the beginning of other rows, when i don’t change colors, i crochet 1 ch followed by the first dc, that makes the first group of 3 dc somewhat chubbier, but i think that is fine.

this pattern for the squares i use with an extra row (5th row) of double crochets in the way i describe above with in the corners 1 dc into the first chain, 1 ch, 1 dc into the second chain.


21 blocks

on the photo below the squares with the yellow tones lie a little close to each other, but i will make more uni-colored blocks with the greige yarn to put them in between for a calmer look.


wip yellows and grays blocks by elisabeth andrée

wip yellows and grays blocks by elisabeth andrée


what do you think of a small blanket in only yellows and grays? i like to know!


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hope to see you soon!