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crocheted blue diamonds 6


hello, welcome back!

it seems that complaining about the heat has helped, the temperature is very comfortable since monday. friends told me on facebook that it was 40 degrees celsius and even 46 where they live. and there are more people who stay indoors because of the high temperatures outside. 
my poor mother can not stand the warmth very well and now she is older (do not tell further, she’s 81) she is getting more and more problems with it. during some very hot days she had a bad cold too and she was short of breath. fortunately she is a little better by now.

my blanket

well, i can not tell anything exciting about it. i have all the ends at the back woven in, i’m busy embroidering the 5th strip and i’m crocheting strip number 6.

it’s a super great project to work on. i must say i really like to embroider crochet work, it’s something you can work on relaxed and it is pleasant to think about/imagine all the stitches you can possible make. but there is nothing like crocheting!

in my next post i’d like to ask for your advice so i hope you come back for a visit.


until then!


and here are some more photos…



crocheted blue diamonds 5

It’s very hot here in the netherlands and i mean VERY HOT. in the place i live it is about 33 degrees celsius today. how is the weather at your place? can you continue working on your project?

i have constantly clammy hands and can only crochet in the evening when the temperature drops slightly. it’s weird because very recently the plants in the garden floated around of all the rain pouring down. because of the heat i hide myself in my apartment and spent my time usefully with weaving in many many many yarn ends.  

this was the view of the back of my work, it’s a bit scary, isn’t it.

it took me hours and hours and i still need a few hours to finish it. it’s been a bit difficult to weave in the ends in a way you can not see it at the front.



 now i plan to do this job right when i’m embroidering, so this won’t happen again.


hope you have a good week ahead with agreeable temperatures!



crocheted blue diamonds 4

it is great of you to come by:)

the blanket with the diamond motifs progresses slowly, but it is a very nice project to work on. i now have four strips hooked which i am now busy decorating with embroidery stitches.




it is a little difficult to get the detials clearly on the photos, maybe that works out better next time.

hope to see you then!


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crocheted blue diamonds 3

what am i going to do with the lighter colors?



today i can show you a tiny bit of it, but it is only an early start: with the lighter shades i am going to embroider on the blanket. i want to let it grow slowly and next to that i have still many strips to crochet.

see more of my blanket to be here.


after many days with a lot of rain we finally get a few dry days here. it’s almost weekend and almost the end of the olympics.

i wish you an enjoyable and sunny weekend!


crocheted blue diamonds 2


for those who thought i was going to make another blanket, were right. i love to make blankets!

yesterday i had the third strip attached to the other two and now i am working on the fourth one.



the colors are black, midnight blue (naval) and teal / petrol (canard), the strips i crochet to each other with dark green (cedre). these are all dark colors, which is beautiful to my opinion but a few lighter shades are necessary to make the blanket a bit brighter.


what i will do with the lighter colors, i still will not give away yet. but here is a hint: it’s something that i have done before …this does not help you very much, does it? 🙂 


i can visualize what i will do with the colors, hopefully in reality the design will be pretty too.

soon i’ll tell you more about it. hope to see you again!