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WIP: christmas decoration and cowl

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my dining table looks like this right now …

no room to eat at the table because i need it as my workspace. here you see my christmas decorations in the works: crocheted baskets in combination with small plants and baubles.

and finally i have found buttons for my cowl, ordinary-transparent-plastic-not-the-prettiest buttons in the world:)

crochet cowl almost finished

also i have print and cut out paper stars, glued them together in pairs with white sewing thread in between. the colors of the stars match nicely those of the crocheted baskets and baubles.


for more info about the faux crocheted stars see here.


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WIP: cowl and christmas decoration

hello, thanks for stopping by! are you busy, maybe very busy?

this cowl i finished a few weeks ago, i only have to sew on the buttons. but suitable ones were hard to find although one of my drawers is packed with a wide range. the glass buttons on the photos i have ordered last week and i think they are beautiful but unfortunately a little too heavy and fragile, so i doubt.

the christmas decorations i have done, now i have to make a nice display with tiny plants and flowers. i found pink divine twine in a drawer when i was looking for buttons for the cowl (see above) and i have made a cover for a mini glass jar in which ginger jam has been. it fits nicely with the other christmas things. i think i’m putting together a package with some of the covers and baskets for my mother, i think/hope she will like the neutrals and pinks. 

also a small doily has come out of my hands​​, i can’t find the pattern anymore, sorry about that! 

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WIP: blanket and tiny hanging baskets

hello! hope you feel fine!


a small post because i still do not feel well and i don’t have much to tell.

but i like to show you some pictures of my work in progress, i can almost always crochet.

the small blanket made ​​of long strips is almost finished. 


the blanket is finished, see here for the photos and a list of notes which might help you to make a similar blanket.


also the small baskets for the christmas decoration are almost done, only three to go.



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decorations and blanket in the works

good day all, nice to see you again!


since last week i have not much to tell. i did not feel so good since last thursday, i did some crocheting.

only the yarn ends of the small baskets/covers i have to weave in and after that i continue to work on the christmas project.


as for the blanket, there are now 10 strips ready, of various widths, and a few i’ve sewn together. the last strip is still in the making.

wip: blanket made of strips


so to be continued …

love to see your projects!

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scarf and projects in the works

how are you? hope it goes well with you! 


a few days ago there suddenly was hail, it did not take long, but look…

hail on 10 november 2013


it’s getting colder outside and i’m glad i finished my scarf. for the first time i’ve worked with baltic yarn of bergere de france and it is a very soft yarn which works smoothly. the color is dark gray and vaguely variegated, alas i can’t get the color proper on the photo. 

because it is thick soft yarn i wanted to keep the stitch pattern as simple as possible and i just have crocheted double crochets and made ​​a wavy border around it.




my projects in the works


i’m working on christmas decorations and i opted for a combination of neutral and pink tones. i also will use a few things i made last year because i think they fit nicely with the new ones.



stitch pattern and working with double thread

last weeks post showed you some stitch patterns and i could not stop crocheting my favorite one, instead of squares i make strips to create a small blanket.

crochet stitch pattern

crochet stitch pattern


working with double threads of yarn make my fingers hurt. have you ever knitted or crocheted with two or more threads? i’m curious about your experiences, did you find it inconvenient, could you make beautiful/neat stitches, do you have a useful advice? 

hope you will write it down in a comment!


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