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WIP: christmas decoration and cowl

thanks for stopping by and spending some of your precious time here on my blog!


my dining table looks like this right now …

no room to eat at the table because i need it as my workspace. here you see my christmas decorations in the works: crocheted baskets in combination with small plants and baubles.

and finally i have found buttons for my cowl, ordinary-transparent-plastic-not-the-prettiest buttons in the world:)

crochet cowl almost finished

also i have print and cut out paper stars, glued them together in pairs with white sewing thread in between. the colors of the stars match nicely those of the crocheted baskets and baubles.


for more info about the faux crocheted stars see here.


how busy are you?

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WIP: cowl and christmas decoration

hello, thanks for stopping by! are you busy, maybe very busy?

this cowl i finished a few weeks ago, i only have to sew on the buttons. but suitable ones were hard to find although one of my drawers is packed with a wide range. the glass buttons on the photos i have ordered last week and i think they are beautiful but unfortunately a little too heavy and fragile, so i doubt.

the christmas decorations i have done, now i have to make a nice display with tiny plants and flowers. i found pink divine twine in a drawer when i was looking for buttons for the cowl (see above) and i have made a cover for a mini glass jar in which ginger jam has been. it fits nicely with the other christmas things. i think i’m putting together a package with some of the covers and baskets for my mother, i think/hope she will like the neutrals and pinks. 

also a small doily has come out of my hands​​, i can’t find the pattern anymore, sorry about that! 

 looking forward to your projects, joining these parties on wednesday:

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scarf/cowl with buttons

a white blouse full of stains, washed, no idea why i still had hanging it in the closet. now it is a cleaning cloth, but i cut off the buttons. 

scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree

for a while i thought of a scarf i got crocheted years ago and kept in the box with gifts. i got it out because i need a new scarf…. *cough*, repeat between * and * at least 3 times…

this is the scarf and i wanted to sew buttons on it.

scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree

lucky me that i made 1 sc, 2 ch, 1 sc at both ends of the scarf. these spaces may well serve as loops for the buttons. 


this is the result
scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andreescarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree



a scarf like this exists in many versions, but this is mine and is also for a novice crocheter easy to make (i think). it can be as long or as short and as wide or narrow as you want it to be. use shining or glitter thread and you have a beautiful scarf for a festive dinner.



completely forgotten: my scarf measures approx 180 cm and the buttons have a diameter of 1.2 cm.


material and stitches
  • almost every type of yarn is suitable for this project.
    my yarn is an variegated acrylic yarn suitable for crochet hook size 4 mm, i used 1 ball of 100 gram and buttons.
  • used stitches (american terms):
    chain (ch), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc).
it goes like this
  • create a long line of chains.
  • row 1.
    1 dc into the 4th chain from hook and into the next 3 chains (= 5 dc), *make 14 chains, skip 14 chains, 1 dc into the next 5 chains*, repeat between * and * until you have the length you like to have, 2 ch, turn.
    leave the remaining chains unworked, you can detach them when finishing your scarf.
  • row 2.
    1 dc into the next 4 dc, *14 chains, 1 dc into the next 5 dc*, repeat until end of row, 2 ch, turn. 
  • repeat row 2 until your scarf has the size you like.

    scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree
  • weave in the ends.
  • attach yarn to one short end of the scarf, 1ch, 1 sc over the first two dc (see photo), *2 ch, 1 sc over the next 2 dc*, repeat between * and * until end of row and do the same at the other end of the scarf.
    scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree
  • weave in the ends.


finishing your scarf
  • detach the remaining stitches of your beginning chains and weave in the ends. 
  • sew buttons on one end of your scarf
    scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree


you are ready!

scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree


japanese books and a scarf

last weekend i was pampered by my youngest brother ernst. he came back from tokyo and brought me two books. 

one book is full of crochet patterns for hats and caps. here are a few pictures.


the other is a book full of knitting patterns and lessons with very inspiring photo’s. i can knit, but have not done it for a while. maybe ….




of leftover yarn i made a curly scarf. 



scarf or cowl

on this pictures you can see the scarf wrapped around the neck twice with the closure at the back. you can also wrap the scarf around the neck three times with the closure at the front, then it’s more like a cowl.


last year i made a short version of this scarf with a smaller closure.

hope you have a lovely week. take good care of yourself during this – for many of you – very busy time of the year!




the donatella cowl


after a summer of rain and storm, rain and storm and more rain, it was suddenly summer here in holland. for a few days it was warm and sunny. i just felt really not well but i occasionally sat on my bench in the garden and enjoyed the sun. thursday or friday afternoon i saw two pigeons also enjoyed the nice weather (on my garden table looking in!).

aren’t they cute?




this week i feel better and i just finished my project: the donatella cowl.
blogfriend donatella is wearing “this totally UNcool piece of accessory around my neck for the next three weeks“. her words not mine. 


but i thought it would be nice if a prettier thing could be worn over it, which is not too chunky. this is my attempt.


cosa ne pensi donatella?