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crochet opaline blanket in the works

so glad you come again for a visit, thank you!

the opaline blanket now has nearly five rows of faux blocks and i started with the eleventh ball of yarn.


i have buttons and beads gathered together, crocheted a few motifs and bought some yarn that all fit the theme seaglass. i do not know if i will use every single thing, but i like to decorate the blanket with the various items that you can see on the pictures.


the crochet flower motifs i made some years ago and i don’t have instructions for them. the small squares and the cups are made with katia jaipur and the patterns can be found here and here


the evenings are pretty cold, but fortunately the opaline blanket is now large enough to keep me warm while sitting on the couch and working on it.

later today i like to join ginny’s yarn along at small things

this is all for today, wish you an enjoyable rest of the week and hopefully see you soon!


work in progress: the crochet nutty pillow

nice to see you!

with a lot of short and longer pieces of leftover yarn i’ve made ​​yarn balls, crazy yarn balls, to make another cushion for a dog or cat (i think). the ball on the first picture i already had for a while.



the pieces of yarn i knotted together, and normally that’s something i never do. the knots you can see and feel and they are not secure as weaving in yarn ends is.

but i did it anyway because some pieces of yarn were so short and i did not feel for other methods to join the yarn ends.


with these ball i crochet the nutty pillow:)

it’s a really fun project to work on because the nature of it is changing with every color you add. occasionally i crocheted a few rows of white yarn (also leftover from another project) between rows to freshen up the whole.

at the moment i’m working on the edge with bright pink yarn of which i found an almost complete ball in a bag with leftovers. then i will sew a fabric cover to fill with more leftover yarn and yarn ends, to put in the crochet nutty pillow. but i have no time for that the coming days, so that’s a job for next week.






until next time!





work in progress: variegated blocks

welcome, good to see you here! 🙂


my health had better times and lately there are days when i do not succeed to crochet. that is why i started a very simple project that i can easily pick up and where i can work on thoughtlessly.

at the same time this project is a way to give the variegated yarn from my stash a better destination than a box in my closet. i really enjoy making combinations with pieces of yarn from one ball with pieces of yarn of a different ball. i mix everything and it is like coloring with crayons. the result: no block is identical to one another, although there are some look-a-likes.

my idea was to provide every square with a black edge, to bring out the colors better but the black yarn from my stash is too thick, unfortunately. 

over to plan b, i have now selected the blocks by color and continue crocheting more squares until i have a sufficient number. to be honest i have added some new balls of yarn to the ones of my stash, otherwise my project would be too small. what it will be? i have two options in mind: a small blanket or a large floor cushion.

by the way,


by the lack of energy i can not often write a post and therefore i started posting photos on instagram. i already had an account for some time, but only followed a few people. since a few weeks i’m more active there and if you are interested just click on the button in the column on the right or follow this link: instagram.com/elisabethandree

something else

i changed some small things on this blog but it is still under construction. on the top of my blog you can see ‘info’ in the menu. on that page i like to bring together a selection of useful information and in the drop-down menu, you can see the link to a list of websites that i find interesting and inspiring (not complete yet), and a link to others who published a pattern or tutorial of me and some link parties i like to join. hope you like to browse!


joining here, hope you will take a look:


that was my post for today, hope to be back soon and to see you again!



lacy with dot squares in soft tones

welcome on this sunny wednesday!

are you busy? i am working hard on the lacy with dot squares in various soft hues.

last week i thought that it all looked too sweet and i wanted to make the whole spicier with bright orange, now i doubt.

at the moment i have four squares with bright orange dots and i think they actually are a sort of jammers. i love the color, but it doesn’t seem to fit in.

what is your opinion about it?  share if you like in the comment section.

pretty or not pretty, that is the question;)


joining this project:


it is very sunny weather here where i live and it looks like it is spring already and i totally like that! so i am going for a walk (and to the supermarket). hope everything is fine for you and that it is sunny at you place too!

see you soon!




two blanket in the works

good to see you!

my black blanket is almost finished! at the moment i’m working on a simple green border with a mossgreen yarn, but i do not get the color right in the picture. for years i have wanted a black blanket, first i was a bit reluctant for such a large black cloth, but i am very happy with the result and how it looks. 

sunday afternoon i started sewing together the squares and the result was a large black tangle in which i could find a beginning or end. the only thing i could do was loosen everything. monday afternoon i started again and after a few hours i had all the squares sewn together. 

black blanket by elisabeth andrée


the black blanket is made of 24 lacy squares with a dot.

when i published my pattern for the square, alessandra responded very enthusiastically. 

” They are great in their simplicity!!!! How beautiful will be a huge blanket in multiple colours????? YUMMY!!!!!

Thank you Andree’ for sharing the pattern with us!!!!! PINNED!!!!! ;oD

xxxxxxx Ale 

thanks ale and i think that is a good idea, although the multi colored blanket won’t be huge. 

with the black yarn i had bought some balls in various pastels, but not enough so i “had to buy” more colors. your ideas cost me money, ale 😉 

one of the new colors i have misjudged, i thought it was a bright orange and it appears to be neon orange. neon is nice, but in this case it was not really the intention.

fortunately it turned out to be useful since the other colors together look so sweet that you almost get a toothache, so the orange gives the whole a boost.

the pattern for the lacy square with dot and info about the yarn you can find here 

to be continued…

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see you soon!