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dahlias for the weekend

unlike the athletes at the olympics i have no energy, i feel like a squeezed sponge. but fortunately i can crochet and that keeps me going. 

yesterday i went for a – slow – walk as i passed a flower shop. i have treated myself to a whole big bunch of dahlias in different colors. on the way home there were several women who wanted to see the dahlias – that never happens when i walk down the street with a bunch of tulips:)  – and so more people could enjoy these beautiful flowers.


it was such a big bunch two vases were needed.


i almost could not stop making pictures, here is a selection and hopefully you like it!

have a lovely weekend!



comments, copyright and crochet

it were a few unusual weeks regarding my blog

after posting the little shopper that i had made with the mini squares i received many responses. as always, most were very nice and sweet and of course i was glad that other crocheters liked the bag. suddenly, i received comments of a different character. besides the kind comments and emails and the usual other responses (as for the little blue pills, models who like to show my crochet work undressed, the robot phrases, links to etsy shops, etc.) there were messages from people who almost commanded a pattern for the bag. strange behavior to my opinion.

and last week i received a comment from someone who had copied a part of this tutorial and published it on her own dutch blog and she had the photos being edited …. without asking me first. she did link to my blog. i have her two emails written, in my opinion friendly but clearly, asking the pictures to remove of her blog. i also explained why and sent her information about legal blogging. oh yes, i pointed her to a linguistic error and that i should not have done …. (by the way my own blog is filled with grammatical mistakes, i am aware of that).

the second email i had sent her because she did not react on the first.

today i received a very angry email back, with large red letters. she wrote me that i am not social, because i do not want to share my patterns and she also thought that i had to write in dutch. to her opinion, the email i wrote to here was angry and although i’ve just read it again, i see no anger in it. pffffffff …..

do you have such experiences and do you think you could take parts of a blog without permission from the author to publish it on your own blog? there is much discussion about it, legally you should not, but at the same time it happens a lot.

good, now back to our hooks.

i have experimented with looser crocheting. i’m not good at it and for me it was really an exercise. i – again – made sleeves/a shrug and have used crochet hook size 4.5 mm instead of 3.5 mm. the stitch is of the crochet contest, see here. the result feels very nice, like a silk scarf almost, but it does not fit very well, maybe it needs an extra row at the top edge of it.


then another try with the same type of yarn and now with 5.0 mm crochet hook …. i ripped it out already because it looked so messy.


now i’m working on these colorful squares.



to be continued.
have a nice day!


a sign of life

how are you doing? 

i’m doing pretty good, with the usual ups and downs. 

to those who have written kind and encouraging words, messages, mails and more: thank you, thank you! it has really done me very well!



i have not taken a final decision on whether or not i continue doing blogging, but it must be said …. i tend more towards yes. the problem lies mainly in the fact that i myself impose/force too much and thereby the writing and taking pictures for my blog feels like something i have to do instead like something that i love to do. i must stop this behavior.  

frankly, i’m already working on making a tutorial for not so experienced crocheters because there were some requests for a ‘not so complicated’ project. a tutorial is in the making.


in the spotlight



for all her support i would like to put jeannette in the spotlight. she and her husband are dutch but they live in ireland. if you love to see their impressions of the country in words and pictures, their website is certainly worth a visit: dutchyonwalkabout

and if you like i’m crazy about crocheting, jeannette’s pinterest boards together form an encyclopedia. also certainly worth a visit! pinterest.com/jeannette


pearl of the beading gem’s journal

a while back i got a few emails from people who wanted to publish my work on their website. after one or two mails i usually hear nothing about it anymore, but pearl of beadinggem.com mailed me this week:

“Hi Elisabeth,

As promised, here is the link to my blog post which featured your awesome tutorial!


Many thanks,



many thanks again to you pearl! 


if you next to crochet also love making jewelry, beadinggem is loaded, so there can be found something to your liking.



this is it for now, i’m back soon. wishing you a fantastic week!




shall i stay or shall i go?

hello everyone!

for a while i think about to stop blogging. i started this blog when i could no longer work and i still wanted a sort of task. it was until a month or two ago super fun to do, but then i found that writing about crochet was only a bit of a commitment and i had and have the feeling that i was/am not doing it very well.

posterous was then taken over by twitter and that’s very good news for these parties, but not for the bloggers because this platform in this form will cease to exist. on the advice of a friend i would switch to wordpress, but … i opted for posterous because it is so incredibly easy to work with. i love posterous and what will entail working with wordpress?

last week i saw on a blog i regularly visit similar reflections. there are so many blogs about crochet, why should i continue? do i add something nice, handy, useful, inspirational? i love to crochet but do i love to write about it? do you like to read about all these stitches i make?

now my brother has left our world this week everything feels a bit heavier, so maybe i wait with taking a decision. will i continue blogging or not and will i switch to wordpress or do i wait until posterous comes with news about this blogging platform?

i am of course busy crocheting: the large purple pouf, the yellow bag, two other bags, the summer blanket is waiting for me and so there are more half-finished projects. i’ll keep you informed. 


wish you a very nice weekend!


easter break

a few days i have been writing about crocheting rounds, the pouf and floor cushion, in response to questions that you asked about. honestly, at this time i can’t concentrate on it very well due to sad family affairs. therefore i take a break, but i hope to pick it up next week.

i wish you a pleasant easter time and i hope to see you again soon!

daffodils from my garden

the narcissus poeticus, she smells deliciously, like a little perfume bottle


and the narcissus replete, which also smells quite nice.