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faux crocheted stars


do you too think this is the time for stars, smaller or larger?

and it’s so nice to knit or crochet them. but what if you can’t knit of crochet or just do not have time to make them?

not to worry, here are three pages full of faux crocheted stars. you only have to click on the picture below to download the pdf, print the pages, cut out the stars en paste them on anything the way you like. there are multi-colored, uni-colored and off-white stars.

maybe you like this idea, i think it’s a great!


the stars are for personal use only, but most of all i hope you will enjoy them!

hope you will have a good start of the new week, see you soon!




renée’s sofa blanket

my cousin renée and i are the two girls in the family with the boy’s names (renée and andrée), well we are now adult women of course. she herself is a creative person and lately i noticed that she is interested in recycling jeans.

not so long ago, we were in a small shop in the hague and there was a large basket full of doilies, not vintage doilies but probably made by women who live in the nearby retirement home. i bought two to make bowls of, one for renée and one for me, but it did not happen. 


about a week ago i remembered that there were 12 balls denim colored acrylic yarn in my closet, waiting for a good project and see: a sofa blanket for renée.


a doily with pizzazz

it is a narrow blanket made of double crochets only until the yarn was on with just the right size to fit on a couch, adorned with one of the doilies and a wool white edge. the doily i have sewn onto the blanket with pastel colored yarn and also some stitches in neon colors to give it a bit more pizzazz.

first i wanted to sew the doily onto the blanket with white thread, but i remembered the post on tiff’s dottie angel and i found the embroidery stitches with colored yarn a prettier option.

doily with embroidery stitches on renée’s sofa blanket. the blanket and the doily i washed separately, the doily i then ironed while it was still damp and only then sewn onto the blanket.


enjoy renée!


have a lovely weekend everyone and until next time!


ps. i join these great parties:


sofa blanket adorned with a doily and embroidery stitches


crochet burano houses

here i am again, hope it goes well with you!


i have not blogged for about two weeks and in the meantime someone else has worked very hard in my garden and then i’ve tried to make the garden a little more cozy again. of course i also crocheted, the storage bag with the fishes is ready, but it still needs to be lined and then i write the tutorial. also i’m working on a secret project but that is almost done, which means soon you will see the pictures.


recently i saw photos of burano island, venice, italy and i was very inspired. people who live there paint their homes in bright colors and many houses are square. if you have time i would definitely view some photos, they are really worth.

Burano houses, Venice, Italy – photo by Saffron Blaze

more info and photos:


my impression

i thought it would be nice to crochet a version of a street with burano style houses suitable for a child’s room and this is the result:

crochet burano houses

some info

the upper part (the ‘sky’) consists of all double crochets with one row containing 1-chain spaces for the rod: 4 dc, 1 ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 dc, ch 1, skip 1 stitch, 4 dc, etc. the lower and upper rows are single crochets. the metal rod i had saved from an old blind and the wooden knobs on the ends are old wooden drawer knobs from ikea, i only have the screws removed. the whole thing is not very firm but it is firm enough to hang the street onto a wall or in front of a window. 


i embroidered the doors with simple stitches, then sewn the houses together and to attach the ‘sky’ onto the houses i crocheted chains, attached a house with a sc and then with slip stitches along the chains back to the starting point. 



if you like to try, i have the pattern for a square house written down (afterwards, so I hope i made no mistakes). my houses all have the windows and doors in the same places, but you can improvise and make houses wider or narrower and make doors and windows where ever you like to have them. choose the yarn you want with the matching hook.

used stitches (american terms):

ch = chain

ss = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet



with the first color make 25 chains

row 1. first dc into 4th ch from hook and 1 dc in all the next chains until end, 2 ch, turn

row 2. 1 dc in next and in all subsequent stitches until end of row, 2 ch, turn

row 3. 1 dc in next and in all subsequent stitches until 9 stitches are left, make 4 ch, skip 4 stitches, 1 dc in next 5 stitches, 2 ch, turn

row 4. 1 dc into next 4 stitches, make 4 ch, skip the 4 chains, 1 dc in next stitches until end of row, 2 ch, turn (window made)

row 5 and 6. repeat row 2

row 7. 1 dc into next 4 stitches, make 4 ch, skip 4 stitches, 1 dc in next 5 stitches, make 4 ch, skip 4 stitches, 1 dc in next 5 stitches, 2 ch, turn

row 8. repeat row 7 (2 windows made)

row 9 and 10. repeat row 2

finish off.


row a. for the roof attach second color at the right side and make 1 sc into first and into all other stitches till end of row, turn


from this point you start decreasing the number of stitches and do not make a (turning) chain at the beginning of a new row.

row b. skip 1 stitch, 1 slip stitch into the next 2 stitches, 1 sc in all the next stitches until end of row, turn

row c and further. repeat row b until there are 2 sc left, make 1 slip stitch in each sc.

finish off.

 that is it!

crochet burano houses

new photos: “yarn wraps”

‘yarn throught the lens’

just received the photos for a new exposition, this time of anja. 

anja and i ‘met’ i think about two years ago on posterous, the platform where we had our blogs. after we both were moved to wordpress we have continued to follow each and a while ago i asked her if she wanted to make an exposition about yarn. i think she is a good photographer, doesn’t or hardly crochet or knit and because of it i was very curious about her look at yarn.

she has time invested in the creations she have made​​ especially for the pictures and the result is stunning i think. 

please visit her exposition and let us know what you think.

to exposition

yarn photo exposition


pouches pouches pouches

old dish filed with pouches

old dish filled with pouches

hope you have a good start into the new week!

this weekend i have created some new pouches (yes i know, i repeat myself) but i was inspired by your comments.

you have written some nice suggestions, what do you think of these: 
  • container for pot pourri (held in piece of gauze) by blandina
  • blandina’s idea but with small (hotel) soaps by jeannette
  • great for keeping jewellery in them by thegrangerange
  • go-to for “thank you gifts” by barbara baker


more suggestions are welcome, feel free to write yours in a comment.
  • see previous post about the pouches here
  • and for the free pattern click here
see you soon!