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work in progress: two tones squares and a crochet bunting


nice to see you again! 

last monday, i have posted a brief explanation of how to make a variation on the ‘another square’, see here

for my project i crochet all squares in soft green and off-white…crochet another square soft green with off white

… and for some of you that might be a little boring to see. so i have made up a few blocks in multiple colors and turned them into a small bunting.

the squares are blocked and nicely flat. when you don’t block the squares, the center will be a little higher than the border. 

do you prefer the festive version more or the green-white version?

if you want to crochet the square too, this is the link to the ‘how to’ for both versions of the ‘another square.

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

have a wonderful day!

crochet another square bunting by elisabeth andrée

21 thoughts on “work in progress: two tones squares and a crochet bunting

  1. I like this design a lot. Most of all the blue, white and orange one. I m starting a new crochetproject for Koningsdag (Kingsday) here in the Netherlands and its almoast the perfect colour also! Pinned it! Hope you don’t mind.

  2. Hi i am trying to crochet your pattern but having trouble starting when i go to start it says row a. 1 ch, 1 dc over dc (of last space), 2dctog (of which 1 dc into same space and 1 dc into next space, see photo below), *3 dc, 2dctog (of which 1 dc into the same space and 1 dc into the next space)*, repeat between * and * until end of row, end with 2 dc into last space and ss into first dc.
    Is this how you start not quite understanding this hope you can help thankyou.

    • Thanks for the question Janet.
      The row you write about is the row that makes a round of the original flower motif. In the tutorial you see pictures with guiding lines to explain where you make the 2dctog. After this row you start to turn it into a square.
      First of all, you have to download the diagram for the center motif, see photo and links at the top part of the post.
      This tuturial is meant as an example of how to turn a round motif into a square.
      Hope this helps!

  3. Oooh, those are lovely! I really like both versions. In fact, I may make a few myself to do some Easter-themed bunting with white and yellow…

  4. this is looking so springy!!! Love it!

  5. Еlisabeth, they are very beautiful!

  6. Sweet colors and lovely happy looking flower-squares!
    Good idea to use up scraps.
    I will try the pattern later, I am too busy with my summer blanket (and other things that need to be done like cleaning out a study room!)

  7. i have been toying with trying something like a bunting out for some time now. yours looks wonderful!

  8. i love the color and the pattern

  9. That is beautiful! I love the clean simplicity of the green and white!