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another crochet square: a new variation to try


good to see you!

it’s already monday afternoon, at least in the part of the world where i live, and i hope you will have a great new week!

would you like to try a crochet square? i made a variation on ‘the another square‘ and i just posted the recipe as an update. you have to scroll down a bit to find it because the new instructions are located under the instructions of the original ‘another square’. 

hope you like the square and have fun with crocheting it! this is the link to it.

until next time!

close up of another square variation by elisabeth andrée

7 thoughts on “another crochet square: a new variation to try

  1. Beautiful! Love the colors and design. Might be my favorite that I’ve seen in a while 🙂

  2. I love the shade of green and the beautiful pattern.

  3. Thanks for sharing, they look beautiful!