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welcome! hopefully all goes well with you!

it’s been about three weeks since i last wrote a blog post. 

in recent weeks i finished the yellow vest and a new version of the orange spider bag.  

this time it has become the lilac spider bag with a different type of top and handles, but the stitch pattern is the same. at first the shape of the bag has not become what i had in mind, i put it in the closet and have not looked at it for a few days and now i actually think the bag looks fine. i still have some improvements to make and after that i will post a couple of new photos.

collage lilac spider bag by elisabeth andrée

the yellow shrug is also finished and as you can see it is not haute couture, but it wears very comfortable and feels so soft. i love the thing!collage yellow shrug by elisabeth andrée


a few years ago i worked on the blue diamonds blanket and although it is not quite done i want to do something similar.

diamonds blanket crochet and embroidery by elisabeth andrée

and maybe you can remember the baby blanket? see here for the pictures and pattern. i had made some variations on the stitch pattern of that blanket, please see here for the photos. the large dark gray blocks i like the most and that is the pattern i chose to make a blanket of only those fake squares.

collage blankets by elisabeth andrée

the new blanket will be a combination of the ideas of these three blankets.

the yarn is called opaline and it is phildar impact 6 and i crochet with hook size 6.5 mm. the color reminds me of sea glass and therefore i want to decorate the rug with colors that you can see on pictures of sea glass, see here or here

i still have a long way to go before the blanket is finished, but i find it quite fun to work on while imagine how i’m going to decorate it.

opaline blanket in the works by elisabeth andrée

that is it for today, the ‘how to’ for the foldover bag is coming, please be patient for a little while?

joining ginny’s yarn along at small things

thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully soon!

20 thoughts on “crochet projects done and work in progress

  1. Na een drukke week zie ik nu pas deze post.
    Ik vind vooral de deken met de geborduurde ruiten bijzonder. (Ik dacht aanvankelijk dat het een tafelkleed was … 😉 )

    De shrug is ook mooi geworden.

    Ik heb nog steeds een sjaal die ik haakte toen ik ± 20 was in een spider stitch. Geen idee waar ik dat patroon toen vandaan had. Voor een tas meer geschikt dan voor een sjaal. Als ik die draag zie je niks van die spinnen…
    Groetjes, Estella

    • Hallo Estella,

      Dank voor je bezoek en je bericht!
      Wat betreft een stekenpatroon kan het inderdaad nogal verschillen waar je het voor gebruikt, maar ook type garen en kleuren hebben daar invloed op.

      Hoop dat het goed gaat met je!

  2. You are such a busy bee, so many projects. Love the yellow shrug, it looks so cosy.

  3. Hola, que bonito te ha quedado todo¡¡¡

  4. Well, I don’t know where to start really, because everything is beautiful. I think the shrug is more than comfortable: it’s really pretty too! I’d love to see what it looks like when you’re wearing it. I imagine it’s lovely, I really like what you did with those sleeves.
    And the colours and motives of the blankets are just a big `wow`!
    As always I love that you choose animal-friendly yarn. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day,

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! I am glad you like my projects and as soon as possible I will make photos of me wearing the shrug😊
      Concerning the animal friendly yarn, I have no choice because other kind of yarn will break my heart.
      Have a wonderful time in Thailand!

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow ! I love all your projects!!!!
    Just yesterday I was browsing Pinterest, looking for some charts for the spider stitch…. my mum owns a vintage cardigan and she pleased me to crochet a new one for her….while searching I found a lot of pins about your previous orange bag and then the new one…. funny how we can have in mind the same pattern at the same time!!!!!
    Have a good day, xxxxxx Ale

    • Spider stitches, aren’t they fabulous! Love to see your work for your mother! Thanks for your kind message, happy to know you like my projects! Hope you will have a wonderful day!

  6. Stunning!! Really pretty:-)

  7. These are all great! love the adorable purple bag!! ❤

  8. Ongelooflijk hoeveel projecten er altijd van je haaknaald afglijden!
    Het Opaline garen is echt schitterend. Zet mij op een strand en ik ga meteen op zoek naar dit soort kleuren zeeglas. Krijg spontaan heimwee naar Ierland. 🙂

    • Mooi hè, de kleuren van zeeglas!
      Het zal inderdaad een stevige overgang voor je zijn van het ‘waterige’ Ierland naar de stad Potsdam, maar ook wel gezellig:)
      Dank voor je bezoek en bericht, altijd leuk om van je te horen!

  9. lovely bag! how fun! love the lilac colour and the shape of this bag 🙂

  10. A big “wow” for all projects in this blog post – I really love everything I see here. I truly admire your creativity, Andrée – it’s extremely inspiring to come and visit your blog, thank you so much for sharing all this beauty and so many new ideas to play with stitches and patterns with us!! Marianne xx