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crochet charcoal cowl with buttons



hope it goes well with you?! it’s been a while since i wrote my last blog post, real life took almost all my time. i have neglected my blog, but also the reader and therefor i didn’t visit many blogs and didn’t write many comments. hopefully you will forgive me !?

well, i did post a picture on instagram almost daily, because i keep crocheting.

the charcoal cowl is finished, i added no other colors, but i made a button closure. 

i had problems with the color difference of the yarn, because not all balls were of the same dye-lot. i solved it by first working with the lightest shade until i was halfway the amount of it and did the same with the darkest shade. i then attached the lightest shade at the beginning chains (on the other side of them) and continued to work in the same way. 
the spaces between the groups of double crochets were large enough to function as button holes, so i only had to find buttons with the right size and color.
very simple and i am satisfied with the end result.

more info about the stitch pattern you can find via this link

crochet charcoal cowl button closure by elisabeth andrée

that is it for today, i will try to be back soon, but please have a little patience with me? 

joining: ginny’s yarn along at small things.

have a wonderful day and until next time!

22 thoughts on “crochet charcoal cowl with buttons

  1. Oeps, ik had deze blogpost gemist!
    Ik keek even op je site naar een vierkant voor een zomerdeken, hoewel ik daar voorlopig nog niet aan begin.
    Je col ziet er heerlijk warm en heel chic uit! Mooie combinatie van grijs en zwart.
    (Ik heb geen smartphone of tablet dus ook geen Instagram. Kan alleen je foto’s bekijken.)

    • Hoi Estella,

      Dank je wel voor je bericht!
      Als je wilt kun je Instagram op internet volgen en ook een account aanmaken geloof ik.

      Hoop dat het goed gaat met je!

  2. So cute…and buttons are my favorite embelishments, too. Hugs, Oana!

  3. Hij is echt prachtig geworden, heel mooi ook met de knopen zo! Marianne xx

  4. Sometimes the simplest patterns are the most effective. I love the combination of pattern and yarn, it’s like they were meant to be together. It looks very warm and snuggly!

  5. It’s lovely. I looks so soft and squishy the way you photographed it. Great pictures! I find it so hard to take good pictures of any fiber project.

  6. Hope you’re well. Glad to see you back.

  7. Dank je Elisabeth voor de mooie colsjaal, ik geniet zo van al he foto’s en lueve berichtjes……..takeit easy he! Liefszzzz

  8. beautiful, as usual!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  9. Your finished cowl looks really cosy, just what is required in this cold weather. It can be difficult to keep up with everything in life and sometimes we must be selective, I have been overrun with other things over the last few months and have been rather absent too so don’r beat yourself up about it, it’s nice to hear from you again. Happy 2015.

    • Thanks for your kind message Geraldine! Glad you like the cowl!
      You are right that it is sometimes to much to combine daily life with other activities and that it is better to slow down from time to time.
      Hope all is well with you and your family? Best wishes for 2015!!

  10. Nice to read you again. 🙂 I love the idea with the buttons. Yes, pretty. Greetings, Sabine.

  11. Pretty 🙂