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crochet work in progress: giant cushion, blanket and more



we are halfway the week and i almost forgot that it is work in progress day 🙂

hope you are fine and that every day you find a little time for yourself to be creative?!


i am still working on my soft ribbing pattern and so far this is my favorite of all blankets i have made (i think, because i love them all). if you like the look of this blanket in the making, here is the link to how to crochet a stretchy ribbing fabric.

wip crochet soft ribbing blanket by elisabeth andrée


another wip is the giant crochet cushion made of brown variegated squares with colored edges. currently i sew the squares together, one side of the cushion is half way done. more info about the yarn and the squares you can find here.

wip giant cushion cover of brown variegated squares with colored edges


last but not least, the foldover bag and the small cases are still waiting to be finished.

wip scheepjes stonewashed bag and cases


but one part of this set is done and that is the small mesh shopper. if you like to know how it looks and are curious how to make this bag yourself, here is the link to the info


small crochet mesh shopper inside by elisabeth andrée


well that is it for today, but of course i love to join ginny’s yarn along at small things. if you like to see creative projects just click on the link. 


wish you a wonderful day and i hope to see you again very soon!
thanks for visiting!





22 thoughts on “crochet work in progress: giant cushion, blanket and more

  1. I really love all the wips you’re currently working on! Marianne xx

  2. Oh the cushion is going to look beautiful! can’t wait to see it finished! Everything in your blog is just lovely!

  3. Het is allemaal mooi!….. maar dat kussen spant de kroon voor mij 🙂 groeten Francien

  4. I really like the cushion with the different colors around the edges of the squares. Looks so nice! Very clever, too. 🙂

  5. Fantastic works in progress! Wonderful use of color!

  6. Wow, you are very industrious!
    Love the ribble blanket. And the mesh bag. And the rest! 🙂
    Have a lovely week,

  7. I really love your cushion. The brown centres makes the coloured edgings really pop

  8. Oh, die deken wordt prachtig! Mooie kleuren heb je gekozen en het ribbel-effect is ook erg leuk. Komt het einde al in zicht?
    Groet, Anco

  9. Great projects – you are so nearly there, cannot wait to see the finished blanket and cushion!

  10. I love the cushion cover your working on it is going to be simply stunning, and looking forward to seeing the finish! I feel I may try one similar! Sandy

  11. Oh, I love the squares of the cushion. Great. It’s modest and fresh – all at once. 😀 Hugs, Sabine.