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wip crochet blanket and giant cushion cover


welcome to another wip blogpost!


still working on my soft ribbing blanket. maybe a silly thing to say but i am in love with the blanket, because of the way it looks, its colors and softness. i bought some extra balls of yarn, because i was a little worried that i did not have a sufficient amount. it will take a while before this blanket is finished.

work in progress crochet blanket of variegated yarn by elisabeth andrée


98 squares

nevertheless, i started a new project: a giant cushion cover. below you see a cotton pillowcase that measures 70 x 70 cm, bought in a sale a while ago for only a few euros.

cushion 70 x 70 cm

in it is folded an old duvet cover of about 2 x 2 meters, clean but damaged and it was really time to make a crochet cushion cover to make it a better looking item for mine or someone else’s interior.

49 squares for each side, that is the number of squares i need to make.

the pattern for the square is very basic and if you visit the app store you can download the free app:

simply crochet granny square a week

among other patterns you can find there ‘granny doris‘, which is similar to the ones you see on my pictures.

the patterns in the app are written in british english and american english terms and there is also a diagram. sounds great, doesn’t it?! if you like to have more info about the app, please visit the app store.



since i am not a great lover of brown (except for trees and animals) i almost never work with the color. but this brown variegated stylecraft yarn is lovely, the name is sandstone. for the edges i use stylecraft in different colors and i work with crochet hook size 4.5 mm. 


how about your work in progress? maybe we will meet on instagram and/or ginny’s yarn along at small things


wish you a wonderful wednesday! 


WIP crochet squares of brown variegated yarn by elisabeth andrée


16 thoughts on “wip crochet blanket and giant cushion cover

  1. Love the gray with the colors!!! I’m wanting to make my daughter & husband a bedspread, striped lengthwise… I’m thinking the grays will highlight the colors!!!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing all those squares put together. This is a great idea for covering that cushion.

  3. Mooi, die gemêleerde, bruine vierkantjes met de gekleurde randjes.
    Net als thesoaringsheep ben ik benieuwd hoe je die aan elkaar gaat zetten!

  4. I like the idea of having matching centres and then the bright borders, looking forward to seeing how it looks joined together. Your blanket looks so squishy and warm

  5. Like the squares! But mostly I like the blanket. It looks so soft and nice colors combined as well! Curious of the end result, make sure to post it in due time!

    • Thanks for visiting and your kind words! I will continue working on both projects and hope to publish more pictures of the progress in nearby future.
      Wish you a lovely evening!

  6. Those deep rich colors in that blanket are just stunning!!!

  7. As you I don’t like to use brown in my works, but you are doing a great job adding the colourful edges!!! Good choice !!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  8. I love the contrast between that strong brown and the bright colours. Your cushion cover is going to look great!