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wip gray and yellow crochet squares – part two


how are you? 

here where i live, it is autumn with all the beautiful colors that go with it and it’s lovely weather to be outside.

the past week i crocheted a pile of squares and with a few balls of greige-colored yarn left, i only have a small stack of uni-colored squares to make.

i could not resist to play with the layout on the floor and i must say that it is a challenge to get it pretty. it isn’t looking good yet, but this is what i like to do, play with colors, which makes me forget time.

a cold look

can you see that despite the two yellow shades the whole has a cold appearance? therefore i have a contrasting color in mind to make a subtle edge around the blanket which hopefully will add some warmth. what color it is, i’ll tell you next time 🙂   by the way, this is my favorite one: wip yellow and greige crochet square by elisabeth andrée


today i will join:


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17 thoughts on “wip gray and yellow crochet squares – part two

  1. Cool, in every sense of the word. The colours are quite lovely, very unusual combination.

  2. I agree that it has a little bit of a cold look, but a real warm color as a border should help. I do the same thing as you do and put all my squares on the floor and play a while until I am happy with the result.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is beautiful – even still unfinished it’s beautiful!

  4. I love the granny coasters! I have always wanted to make one! 🙂

  5. They look absolutely gorgeous, and I agree with the comments above – it doesn’t look cold to me at all, not with that yellow popping out. It looks comfortable and comforting. I’ve become very fond of grey lately, and to my eye, these look lovely and silvery, just the sort of gentle thing to wrap yourself in for warmth 🙂 Grey seems to be very easy on my eyes for some reason. Love it!

  6. What a nice combination! It looks like a feathering of a bird – as light as a feather … 😉 I love that. Greetings, Sabine.

  7. Gray is my a new addition to my favourite colours! I love the combinations you’ve created! It looks soft.

  8. I really love those colors! It’s not too cold 😉

  9. Completely stylish, not cold 🙂